Friday, November 07, 2008

The Slumber party!

Here are some of the girls from the party! They are having a blast!

Emilie wanted Red Roses on her birthday! So they were on her cake!

These are my cousins lighting the candles. Just this scene made me laugh.

There was LOTS of screaming and jumping like this!

Emilie and Kaylan!

When she figured out she got 2 player Karaoke for her B-day from mom and dad! It was a big hit for the night.

Emilie and Caitlyn! So glad they are friends!

The girls stayed up ALLLLLL NIGHT! Finally at 5:45am Chad told them they had to at least lay down and just watch something on TV. At that point, they were begging to go outside on the trampoline at the sun was rising! I'm pretty sure he said nope!
15 minutes later.....this was the scene in the house.

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Chad said...

I need to sleep...please.