Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dinner among friends!

Last night our good friend Mike drove down to Tulsa with his new girlfriend Mikel to have dinner. We went to PF Changs and had a superfun time. It was the best evening. I loved getting to know Mikel and finding out how good she is for Mike. They are a beautiful couple. I truly felt honored that they would drive all this way just for dinner. But then again, we had more than just dinner. We had a great night of laughs!!
Everytime we are together, we just laugh uncontrollably. I don't like the distance between us and wish we could see eachother more often. But I'm so excited that we will get to spend some time together at the end of August. I truly can't wait. It will be a fun time!

The WILD Birthday Party if you know my aunt Cyndi...she can't do anything half way. So for Jordan's Birthday she had this animal guy come and bring his exoctic animals. You could ride the turtle! No joke! It was so cool. Then I thought I was being really brave by holding the no more got around my neck and I was ready for it to go away. The man was saying things like "Don't touch it's head...he doensn't like that" Well...the head was coming right for my face and I didn't know what to do. YIKES! But we had a great time!

More of our fun night!

The Graduation Party

Well we had a great time at the venue after we finished our PCT class. So yes...these people could very well be a part of your healthcare for you or one you love. Don't know if that looks scary or not. We had a blast. There was a great band there and we had a fun time just laughing and finally celebrating not having to study until school starts again in August. 11 of us were celebrating getting our new jobs and starting work. The night was fun and eventful!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Today was my first day on the job and was a great experience. I can tell I'm really going to have my work cut out for me in the ICU. I met several supervisors and they were all so nice and ready to put me to work. And indeed they did. It ended up being a very busy and productive day!

I left after 8 hours with the most miserable migraine I've had in a long time. I'm trying so hard to keep myself away from OTC medications but I'm not so sure it's going to be easy. I need to get back in to see Dr. Breck before these pains start to get out of hand. He seems to cure all my aches and pains in my head. I had to miss VBS tonight to recoup from my ailment but now I'm feeling better after a little sleep this evening.

After I got off work today, I had the chance to swing into Bob Gardner's room for a bit. He's such a nice man. I pray after I left he got to go home and I won't walk in and see him tomorrow. But if so...I'll visit with him again. It's nice to see familiar faces at the hospital, but I'd rather not see them as patients.

You know...I have the best husband in the world. Even though he worked all day in the heat, he came right in the door...took a shower...and got the kids ready for VBS without even blinking an eye. He was even willing to work and take my spot with the second graders but Linda said they were fine on help. I am just so thankful to have him. Especially in a time of need. He's been through everything with me and puts up with so much. I truly know how lucky I am to have him. He's just so precious to me!

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's happening too quick!

I went to my last set of physicals this morning and I passed with flying colors. Although, I could have gone without stepping on the scale. Ugh...need to get back to the gym now that classes are over for the summer.

While filling out my paperwork, I thought I noticed a typo on them. It said I start on this Monday the 17th! What? Am I reading this right? And the lady said " have to work full time for 2 weeks, M-F, 7am-3pm and then we let you go on your own." Wow!
Well...I was still overwhelmed with the date and then it hit me....BABYSITTER!!! What am I going to do with my kids? Ugh....I can't look at this as a delima. I'll figure something out.

So...I start Monday and will work M-F for the next 2 weeks and then they are letting me off to go to camp with my kids as a counselor and then on vacation with the family that next weekend and I'll go to my orientation on August 7th. After that, I'll be working weekends. So it looks like my last Sunday at church will be July 30th. I'm trying to find creative ways to make sure I can still take communion each week and have that moment with God. I want it to be an intimate moment and not just something I do each week to keep caught up. I don't want to lose that.

So in the mean time... I will be thinking of many creative ways to keep my spiritual energy up and connection with the chruch family. Everything will be good. God is going to use me in a way that I can't even imagine right now. I'm just looking forward to the opportunity to serve Him in another unique way and finding a way to bring someone closer to the same God that I love.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good news...mixed emotions

After passing the class yesterday, I got a call this morning from Saint Francis and well..I GOT THE JOB!! My emotions are so mixed right now as I will lose my weekends for 1 year. I will find other ways to help others and minister on Sunday mornings in the ICU. I count on all of my friends to keep me connected.
My shift will be Saturday & Sunday 7am to 7pm. I will be on orientation for the next 3 weeks and I do not know what times as of right now. At the end of this month I will go to the camp with kids and then we are going to leave camp on Friday and get away with the kids and Chad for the weekend to spend some time together as a family. I think we will take them to Six Flags for a fun weekend.

My heart is so mixed right now. I am so excited for this opportunity but yet saddened about what I will miss each Sunday. Moreso, I think my heart wonders if others will forget about me. Surely not. Then how will this affect my children and husband. I should be rejoicing right now instead of thinking of all of the downsides.

I am excited...really! Guess I still have to get over all the shock and excitement of this week.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Well this has been a rough 8 weeks but it was truly worth it in the end. Today was our last day of PCT traning and I made it! Yay!!! We had a huge pot luck afterwards to celebrate our success and also the retirement of our precious instructor Myrna and her assistant Billie. We were her last morning class and we gave both of them a great farewell party. It hasn't been easy by far but now I am able to work! Now only one more test! The Oklahoma State Board AUA exam. Once I pass that, I will be totally certified! These test are not easy by far so please say a prayer. I'll need it!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Birthday & Volleyball! FUN!!!

This day was SOOOO much fun. We had Ian's 11th birthday part at my parents house and about 2 hours into it, the adults decided to take over the pool for a game of water volleyball. I can't even begin to describe how fun and FUNNY this game really was. I must say, I think we were pretty good!!! Although, I don't know what is happening in the picture below other than I went for the ball and Carrie ended up hitting it. I totally look like I've been slaughtered at this point from being on the front line! But I love how Theresa is watching and waiting for her opportunity to either hit the ball...or laugh at me when I come back up for air! I think it is totally the second. It was a great day and Ian had the best time!! Even though he skipped out from the party to go with his gf to the movies! HUMMMM....! Thanks to Theresa for providing these lovely photos for me. I'll post some of mine later.