Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happiness is.... Day 6!

Almost a week!

Took my A&P test today. Passed with an A!!! Whoo Hoo! Just 5 more test to go and two weeks left! ;o)

Today has truly been a great day. Several things that have happened that I really could have let get me down and depressed and I chose to handle them appropriately and well, I'm just fine. Are they disasters in my life? Well of course not. It's just a small dot in comparison to things. I'm choosing to make what really is a BIG DEAL....the big deal. But yeah....haven't had that come up yet! And hope not to!!!

After class it was pretty funny....I came home and was locked out of the house. We don't really know how it happened but I did not have a key to get in. So, Chad rushed to the rescue to let me in. All was well. It worked out very well as he decided to go ahead and take me out to lunch right then. We went to Subway....where we first met. It was fun to go in and eat and think about old times together. I'll never forget those days! Every time I eat at a Subway I always think of Chad.

I got quite a bit accomplished at church working on cue cards for the Christmas program. Wish I could have finished today, but thank goodness I started early and I have a few weeks to get it done. While there, Chad walked in and surprised me. Again...like old times. He loves doing that. I love it when he does that too! He's just so funny! He came in like a kid in a candy store just waiting to surprise me. Wonder if he will be this cute and funny when he's 90?


Chad said...

Me...90...ha. I will surprise you by popping out my teeth.

Brenda said...

Chad! That's why I just love you so much. You make me LAUGH!

That makes me think of Ms. Doubfire when she popped her teeth into her glass. Fun times!