Sunday, February 26, 2006

The unexplainable!

So this is my brother, my mother, and my father. What a trio we have to put up with. They are such characters!!! I have to admit, this is one of my all time favorite pictures. I can't really explain it, other than they are just a lot of fun and can really make you laugh when you least expect it.

Feeling appreciated!!!

What a fun night to spend with the best people I know. I had such a great time just laughing and carrying on with the ladies of our church. It was such a nice time to just relax. I couldn't have asked to be in better company. I cherish my friends so much and love to be around them. God gave us friends to lean on and these are truly women of God! I was a night well deserved by all of us and a great night of fun and fellowship togethter.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Every Friday night my kids go to my parents house for an overnight visit and to give Chad and I some much needed rest for the week.

Today, Lukus, being the boy that he is decided that he was not going if Emilie was going. He said he was going to do the exact opposite of her. "She's a girl and I don't want to be around her" were his words. Ahhh...such a boy thing.

So Emilie and I left and went to get our manicures and pedicures for the week and Chad ran Lukus to my moms since Emilie is staying at home. Remember...he doesn't want to be int he same place as her.

So he decides now he doesn't want to spend the night this week and wants to come home. When he gets home, he finds Emilie asleep on the couch. He doesn't say anything about her, look at her, nothing.

I'm sitting here studying and he walks in and says:
"Mom, Emilie looks like she's going to fall off the couch. Can I push her back on?" I say yes.
He comes back:
"Mom, now Emilie looks cold just sleeping there. Can I c0ver her up with a blanket?" I say yes.
Once more:
"Mom, is it okay if I get in the blanket with Emilie and lay next to her so she doesn't feel alone?" I just smile!

And say yes, of course!

Guess his feelings changed.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Meat or Not Meat...

Emilie - "Mom, are we meat?"

Mom - "HUH?"

Emilie - "Are we meat? Like you eat. The kind you put in the fridge?"

Mom - "No, you can't eat humans. We are not meat"

Emilie - "But mom, we are part of the animal family aren't we? We eat animals right?"

Mom - "Yes, we eat animals because that is how God made it. The animal kingdom is here to feed us among other things"

Emilie - Looking perplexed she said "Okay.....So I guess I'm just not a piece of meat."

And she walked away!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life's gettin' funny for me!!!

Okay, so I feel like I'm starting to not have a life with school anymore.

My newest toy is my laptop. A wake up with it in the morning and go to bed with it at night. I study all the time and feel like it's never ending. Then yesterday, Dr. Lurz says "If you thought this chapter was hard, wait until we start the next unit next week!"
Oh my goodness! Lord help me now!

So in spite of the classes I don't like, I got some good news. I was accepted into the PCT program for the fast track class in the summer. Yes, I'm gulten for punishment! What's even worse are the hours! I will be gone all of the time for 8 weeks!!!! I will have no life during the course of the summer semester! Yikes! But I know it will be fun! At this point I will be in the hospital somewhere, just don't know which one. I know it's every Friday from 6:45am to 4:00pm though. And even better news, my friend Tischa and I got in at the same time so we can go together. We are so excited. So now we're doing it all together. Friday, we're going to go and get all shot up with everything we need. You know the TB test, MMR, and Hep B series. Ugh! Then gotta go get our CPR certification taken care of. But boy, I just hope that I past that Criminal Background check! hee hee!

So I'm trying to get through this with a smile on my face. It's working out pretty well. I pampered myself this weekend. Had my hair done. I'd love a pedicure but it's just too cold outside for me to go get my toes done and then walk away with flip flops on. But I sure need that R&R to help me get through it. Mabye all now I need is my own personal massage therapist to get me through each day! Ahhh...yes...those hot rock massage's are wonderful!

So I don't know if this is the downward spiral or the uphill climb, but I know I have now reached that 1/2 way point of my inital goal of where I want to be in my professional life plan! Yeah! It's all coming together and looking good and feeling great!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm a political nut!

Do you ever have those time in life where you question "What should I be doing in life?"

I know right now I'm questioning that because I'm struggling in this class I'm in....and I'll get over it. I'll get through it. I'm a tough girl! I've always succeed! I know I can do it! I won't fail. I don't know how!

But I don't enjoy going through this. And I start to question..."Is this the right major for me?"

It sounds really and totally crazy and if this was a private blog I know that nobody would laugh but since it's can go ahead and start laughing now. But my most enjoyable class that I have had since I started school was Poitical Science. Well, other than my comp classes. But everyone knows I love to write, and write, and write! But I love the government now. I love debates, elections, hearings, the whole nine yards. And I don't know why. Well, yes I do. I had a professor that made it interesting to me. I had someone that made the political spectrum so fascinating that it created a firestorm within me.

Just like now....when Marcy brought up her friend Kathy Taylor...sure...I perked up. Don't you know I've already read up on Tayor for Tulsa? I know what she's all about! My idea of a good afternoon of watching televison is going home after class and turning to channed 44 and watching what the house and senate are doing for the day. My husband has wondered what I have become! He laughs at me and says...."You are not seriously going to watch this are you??" I feel the need to watch what they are going to talk about." People....THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF!

So I'm not changing my major or anything like that. I'm still devoted to being the best nurse I can possibly be. But you never know where I may end up. I my end up being the private nurse to some big political hot shot someday. You just wait and see...I'll be flying on Air Force One or something like that! It's just driving me crazy!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh my head....

Why does my head have to hurt so much?

I have re-entered the world of migraines! What is it with these things? Just when things were looking so much better, here they come again.

I feel like this is just some sort of punishment that I have to go through in life, but nobody should ever have to hurt so much. It is truly like hammers and needles stabbing through your skull. It's funny that the first paper I wrote in biology was on "The Diagnosis and Treaments of Migraines in Children" and I scored and absolutely perfect score with Kudos from the professor. Guess I have some experience huh?

They've been gone for a while but have now decided to come back with a vengence. With no warning, they appear out of nowhere. Luckily, our wonderful Chiropractor is always on hand to lend some relief when possible. Most of the time, I feel that is the only thing that helps at all. It's truly amazing what chiropractic care can do for one's head!!! If you haven't tried it it out....I truly suggest it!

So for now, I go to bed early again tonight hoping and praying that I don't wake with this in the morning. But I'm not very optimistic. It's just not that easy to get rid of. Feels like a nasty mold that won't go away but grows and grows and rears it's ugly head whenever it wants to. Ugh!!!!

Praying for a good nights rest!