Thursday, November 13, 2008

It is well!

Man...just when you think YOU'VE got it bad in life, someone decides to throw a wrench in the fire.

Tonight at rehearsal, Shane tells us the most amazing story of how the song "It is Well With My Soul" was written by Horatio Gates Spafford. After we sang it, I thought I would burst into tears, but didn't.
I didn't feel like I was 'proclaiming' right at a that moment that it is well right now with me...but I felt like I was rejoicing with Horatio as he faced some of the most difficult trials I've ever heard and still, he could say "It is Well".

How powerful of a statment can one person make that explains who they are and what they are about!! Let alone...write a song! I admire this man! Through all his trials, he knew that his soul would be well...regardless. For years I have sang his song over and over and now, I will sing it with such new meaning. I don't think he ever realized that one day, the nation would sing those words. I don't think he knew that this would be one of those worship songs that people sing at the top of their lungs. I don't think he knew that his words, would bring others closer to Christ! I picture this man being one of ultimate humility. I think that this man, who was in pain......still rejoiced, and knew......his soul....was well!

I think I know why the tears didn't flow with that song tonight.
I don't have it that bad. I quickly thought of all the people that I know that have been through so much worse than me. I think of our patients in the hospital, who never get better, I think of the little boy whose face was eaten off by a dog, and he lives like nothing ever happend, I think of the homeless man that stopped to talk to me last night, I think of those with troubled marriages, I think of so many who have had to fight things FAR worse than I ever have. Jesus said he would never give us more than we can handle. I think he's right.

Our house burned ~ it is well: Abused ~ it is well: Car Wrecks ~ it is well: Tornado hit ~ it is well: Have a special child ~ it is well: Survived many illnesses ~it is well: Survived a failing marriage ~it is well: Surviving an eating disorder ~ it is well: Dealing with life ~ it will always be well.

All of that is just surface drama. It's amazing to be so blind to it at times and to be so consumed by it. It's amzing the work that God does in our lives and the people that he puts in front of us to tell us "It is well"

I'm reassured tonight. It is and it will always be, no matter what happens, WELL!

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