Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hard times?

Ever felt like times are just hard? I think that occasionally to myself. It's my own little pity party. I usually don't invite others so you can't really get offended if you don't get an invitation. It's a selfish party of 1 only. ;)

Those are some of my most favorite times. It's those times that I stop and think of how lucky I really am. Sure...times are hard. But, if I wasn't given a challenge in life, then where would I be? Ho hum...stuck doing the same thing over and over and over. I love a good challenge. Even when it's a painful one.

Now...I'm not going to pray for a challenge, nor patience, or anything else like that. I think God can tell if I need it without me asking for it :)

I have a few challenges to face before the end of this month is over. Question I need to really ask myself is, how do I see myself growing in these situations. Easy way out? Long road? Working through it? Don't whatever just to please everyone? Or...will I face my challenges head on, with clear thoughts that are not muddled by old tapes I bring back up.

I think I know!