Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happiness 4!

Today we spent our afternoon with the Davis', Scott's, and Hatters. We had the best time ever. I am excited as we will embark on a new journey together at the beginning of the year and even more excited that it is with these families. I believe Bobby and Melissa will be joining us and that even makes me more excited for the new year.

I have been searching for how God is going to use me in life, in ministry, in my work, and in everything that I do. I beleive that he has been faithfully showing me that it's not going to be easy to make changes, but will be well worth it in the end. Everyday that goes by I feel that He is making it more and more clear to me and easier for me to make those decision I once struggled with. I'm a it's unusual for me not to be decisive. But when it comes to God, and making the right choices, He is making that process easier for me each day. I just love Him for that.

Today, has just been a GREAT DAY!

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Linda L said...

That's awesome Brenda! I hope you have a GREAT week!