Saturday, November 22, 2008

The First Dance

Ian asked me if he could go to the 7th grade dance on Friday night. I didn't hesitate one bit and I said YES! I love that he wants to go and that he's not shy about it either.

Friday afteroon proved to be very rough for me and the kids and we were absolutley pushed to our limts. But Ian and I both made it through it together.

So...we get home about 15 minutes before time to leave for the dance. He quickly changes clothes and we're off.


This was Ian's FIRST dance. (7th grade, 13yrs old)
He asked a girl 2 weeks ago to be his date, she said no.
On Wednesday, she passed him a note in the hall and said she wanted to go with him.
HE WAS SO EXCITED and couldn't wait to tell me.
Friday, when I picked him up from school, he said he heard her talking to friends and hoped Ian would bring her a rose.
On the way to the dance, stopped and got a rose.
At the dance, Ian realized that it was NOT HIS DATE that asked fro the rose, but another girl. (oops)
The OTHER girl wasn't at the dance to give the rose to.
The DATE girl, well....Ian was too shy to give her the flower. ;o(
So what did he do with it?
He was wearing long sleeves and shoved it quickly up his sleeve until he had an opportunity to go to the bathroom and throw it away.
No slow dances were played at the dance! WHEW!!!!
He described the dancing and "mosh pits" that occured.
He said there was fog everywhere and lots of lights and loud music and it was COOL!
He had SUCH a great time that an hour and a half into it, he was ready to come home. LOL!

So there ya go. The first date....the first dance.....HERE WE GO!!!! ;O)

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