Monday, November 24, 2008

Happiness 5!

It's early in the day for a day 5 post.....but I'll just update it later! ;o)

Happiness is teaching children to sing and giving me goose bumps!
This should have been on Day 4 but due to a headache that has yet to go away, I forgot.
Yesterday while singing with the kids for the Christmas program, I was floored on how quick they picked up a song that I almost cut from the program. I thought I would give it a shot and if they didn't get it, I would just have to find some traditional Christmas carol that everyone knows to sing. They shocked me. They really shocked me! We ran through it twice. And twice was enough for the day. We had 6 songs total and I had to teach this one so we were pressed for time. But they were amazing. I've changed and added some fun dynamics to the songs instead of singing them just as written and I thought from Wednesday to Sunday the kids would forget. Well....they didn't. I could have jumped for joy. And I might have. I'll have to ask Linda! ;o)

I'm so happy that today's lecture....although extremely more in depth than usual....seemed to go by very fast. It's a lot of information going into my brain at the end of the semester. I'm hoping it all sinks in before the finals in 2 weeks. Finals will be a killer! That will be a killer week too! May have to seriously cut some things off my plate and find some babysitters next week. But also looking forward to trying being finished on the 11th. I GET 4 WEEKS OFF! Yay!
This has been my most difficult semester yet. And it's not just the book work and school work. Life has been up and down and I am truly amazed at how God is right beside me as I am letting things go. Or letting go of things I have held onto for so long. He's not letting go of me, no am I of Him. But the earthly things that I have treasured, are starting to fade. In this....I find contentment, peace, joy and most of all, happiness.

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