Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happiness 1

Today was an interesting day....but tonight proved to be more fun.

Tonight had to be the most hodge podge dinner I have ever made. It was so funny. I made Chicken Fettichini Alfredo, Rigitoni, Corn, salad, and Iced tea. Nobody complained! It was fun. And everyone got something they wanted. They kids did a wonderful job of setting the table, clearing the dishes and cleaning up before we had to leave for Emilie's program. They took some fun pics during the time. Ian wasn't much for getting involved. He didn't feel well today. But by this time, he had taken a nap and was on the mend. Still wasn't posing for the camera. This was last night when Chad got home from work. We all greeted him on the stairs to say hello. It was rather fun. Emilie has become quite the little photographer. Not a moment goes by that she's not snapping pictures!


Shane Coffman said...

Wow. What proper singing technique!

Brenda said...

Gotta admit....she get's it from me.
Now when she acts up...she gets that from her father! ;o) LOL!

(I love you Chad!!!!)