Saturday, December 31, 2005

And it was my turn to be pampered....

Last night was the typical Friday night. Ian went to Grandma's to spend the night, Emilie went to stay with Sherry and Jamie and Lukus wanted to stay home with mom.

Sitting at home gets kind of old after a while, but he doesn't complain. He just likes to be with me. Or he doesn't like to see me stay home alone so much. Afterall, he knows I don't mind.

So I thought I would surprise him and take him out for dinner.

"Lukus, where would you like to eat tonight? We can go anywhere you want?"

"Well, we can just go to McDonald's. That's okay."

"No No No...I mean anywhere. It doesn't have to be fastfood. It's just you and me tonight."

"Okay, Taco Bueno"

"NO NO NO....You're missing what I'm saying...Let's go on a mom and son date!"

So we drive around a while and I told him that the first place he wants me to stop, that's where we will go. So he picks Johnnie Carino's.

We have a pretty long wait, but he's very patient. We put HIS name on the list so they will call it out. He thought that was really cool. When we went to be seated, he asked me if I would sit next to him in the booth and not across from him. I'm sure that was for the comfort factor.

He was very polite and we spent the evening working on table manners and how to speak to server properly and when it came time at the end of the evening, I even gave him the credit card and had him pay for the meal. He thought that was the coolest thing. He was truly the big shot of the evening.

He was so polite in asking for everything in complete sentences (with a little prompting) and even excused himself to go to the restroom. But then asked me what happens if I get kidnapped? Ha! I had to go with him!

We finished the evening off sharing a huge dessert together that he picked for the both of us and the evening was truly the best. I look forward to many more dates with my son. He was a true gentleman!

Friday, December 30, 2005

It's just one of those days

Have you ever just had one of those days? One that you can't even explain?

This morning has just been one of those. And believe it or not, it's not my kids. The've been great. It's just everything else going on. Bills to be paid, a house to be run, and I miss my husband so much. I'm having to take care of things I don't normally have to do and I don't like it. And even moreso, I don't like to complain.

I got angry at the Cox people this morning and just blew up on the phone. And really it takes quite a bit to get me mad! And I don't like this feeling. It's just not a part of who I am and what I'm made up to be. It's not an emotion I like.

It's almost made me want to go into a depression today. I like to be that fun, loving happy person that everyone likes. I don't like being mad and angry, but they angered me beyond belief. So if you call me, realize, right now, I have no home have to call my cell phone! I disconnected my home phone! I'm that mad!

But after having a good cry by myself and some quiet time in the tub I had to stop and think about being angry. What does the bible say about this?

Psalm 145:8 The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.

Proverbs 29:8 Mockers stir up a city, but wise men turn away anger

Proverbs 29:11 A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.

Oh and the one that got me the most while I studied after getting angry was this:
Ephesians 4:25-27 Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbor, for we are all members of one body. In your anger do not sin Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.

This just has broken my heart as I've cried out this morning. I feel I should call this poor soul back at the Cox company back and apoligize to him. Yes, in my heart, I feel I was treated unfair and unjust by their company and it's one of those good stories for the "8 on your side" (SMILE) but I don't think I would have seen one of the apostles standing from a mountain top waiting to slander the name of a person that angered one of them. They would have followed the command of the Lord and moved on. Ugh....why is it so hard for me? I just want to be that better person that God intended for me to be. Just let me walk in his footsteps and let someone see a spark of His light in my eye for the day!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The first date....

Tonight I took the two of them to see a movie! It was such an experience. Ian had to make sure his hair was perfect!
He said "Mom, this isn't a date! Don't say that!" So I didn't!

We were off and when we got there he didn't want to get out of the car. So he called her from the car to come out of the house! Just like a man huh?

But things were different when we got to the theatre! He opened the door for her! (and me too! that was a first!)

He wanted to get one big popcorn to share with her and but they didn't share drinks. That's to gross!

He asked her what her favorite candy was and then turned to me and said "Mom, I know you usually don't buy the candy here because it's expensive but would you mind buying those sour punch straws this time so we can share them?" Oh...he was just breakin my heart!

They were great during the movie! You could tell they were both just tickled to be there together. I pretty much ignored them the entire time but they had a great time.

Afterwards they wanted to walk the mall and play around. We took some pictures and had some fun! Went to the arcade where they competed to get the most tickets. It was fun for them. Then Rebecca didn't want to go home so she came for dinner.

It was a fun night and I think they both had a great day!

Oh! And she the best thing was....she was still wearing the necklace that Ian bought her for Christmas! It was priceless!

So they call it Puppy Love.....

Well, there is a great and beautiful story behind this picture. This is Ian's friend Rebecca. She is just the sweetest girl. A few months ago, Rebecca had to have 2 have pins put in her elbow. Ian was just so worried about her. We said several prayers many nights that she would be okay.
A few days before the surgery, Ian came home with the information of when and where Rebecca would be having the surgery. Well, this really was just an outpatient surgery. Ian said he wanted to go & visit her in the hospital, but I knew she would not be in there overnight. So I would have to pull him out of school. What should I do? So I did! Here comes Monday morning, bright and early! I take the kids to school and keep Ian out.

He says "Mom, we need to take her something to make her feel better."

I thought like a toy or game or something.

He says "No, Roses!"

So we run to Albertsons and I try to help him pick out some beautiful arranged flowers and he insist on the peach roses wrapped up in the plastic sitting in the water for about 1/2 the price. I must say...he saved me some money and they were beautiful!

So we get to the hospital and they have a strict rule about children coming back to the recovery area. But they lady at the counter was really nice and called back and asked if this nice young gentleman could come back for just a moment to drop off a gift.

Now it's a long walk to get to Rebecca. We have to pass many nurses stations along the way to get there and they are all oogling over this blonde hair blue eye boy 10 year old boy brining roses to this girl.
It was just the cutest thing to see them and Rebecca let Ian be the first to sign her new cast. Awwweee! Puppy love! It's starting too young!

Ian bought Rebecca a necklace for Chirstmas. A heart shaped pendant and he got a HUGE hug in return right there in the classroom. He certainly blushed!

Today I'm taking them out to see their frist movie! He's so excited! He can't wait!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What to wear!!!

Emilie has been begging me for days to go to the country and spend the night with Uncle Randy and Aunt Jessica and their three girls.

So today I let her call him and and they a have a short conversation on the phone.

As soon as they hang up she is delighted as he says he will be by in a couple of hours to pick her up for the evening.

She quickly hangs up the phone and looks at me in a bitter panic and says

"Mom, I don't know what to wear"

I couldn't help but roll over laughing! What have we created in this child?

Friday, December 23, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Next President.......

So my conversation with Ian goes.....

(Ian) Mom, do you think I can be president?

Oh....I've been waiting for this conversation!!!!

(Me) Of course I do!

(Ian) Do you have have to make all A's? Did George Bush make all A's?

(Me) I'm not sure if he did but I'm sure he tried his hardest to make good grades.

(Ian) Can a girl be president?

(Me) Why do you want to know that?

(Ian) Cause a girl beat me in student council at school. And I know they let girls vote. Do you vote mom? Can you be president? Do you make good grades?

(Me) Yes, I vote. I do my best to make good grades. I study hard but I won't be trying to run for president. But if that is something you want to do when you get older, you should really try to do that. I would love to have a son that is president, or an astronaut, or singer, or a doctor, or a grocery store worker. I will love you no matter what you do when you grow up.

(Ian) Well, I'm not sure they should let girls vote.

(Me) And why not? (Now I'm very puzzled as this just took a wrong turn for me)

(Ian) I'm just not sure they know what they are doing.


I'm so silly.....

So today was my day to do my Christmas shopping. I'm all geared up. I'm ready to go out there and face the world head on....and I froze. I get to the store and I have no idea on earth what in the world to buy my kids.

"What if they don't like what I get"

"What if they complain"

"What if....what if....what if....oh my goodness I was playing the what if game!"

What was wrong with me! I was just litterly laughing at myself in the store as I'm going up and down the asiles. I mean seriously, how many Barbie's can a girl have? Or dress up clothes? :o) Or how many match box cars do my boys need? I get a bit tired of walking around at night stepping on diecast airplanes that leave imprinted holes in my feet! :o)

So I call for reinforcement on the phone...and can't get Chad. So call my neighbor who is watching all my kids. I start to feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when I say....
"I have all this money to spend and I just can't spend it"

The problem is...the store will take it, but I just can't put Power Rangers into my cart!
She's yelling at me to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! I felt like I was on one of those shopping spree shows! So I'm back off to the toy section only to find myself in dispair again!

So I finally get a hold of Chad and he is laughing at me uncontrollably and tells me to get the small stuff and he'll take care of the big stuff. See, I'm just not a shopper! I'm the leagalist in the family! He's the fun one! The big spender! I can have fun, but I'm practical! I buy the food, clothes, and shoes. He buys the fun stuff! I can't just go out on a big shopping spree. I get lost! I have to have a list of what fun stuff to buy! Now how fun is that?

You tell me I've won the lottery, give me a million dollars, and someone will have to give me a list on how to spend it. I'd be totally lost. ;o) But we sure would have a lot of fun laughing about it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The animated child

Today we had our winter party at school. At 1:30, they were dismissed to go to the gym to sing Christmas carols led by Mr. Wyble and Mr. Megli and it was so much fun.

At one point, Mr. Megli suggest that there was a song the Kindergarten class knew and could sing to the school. So they stood up, turned and faced the rest of the school and started to sing. Now, here is Emilie on the front row loving to sing very proudly and LOUD singing her heart out. Oh my goodness! They are singing the song "Must be Santa!" We are dying in laughter at her animations as she is totally serious and knows every word and is not missing a beat. I am totally convinced now that in January I will enroll this child in Theatre Arts.

I love it when a child shows passion for something and they truly pour their heart into it. Today, she displayed this in front of the school. I could have cried. You know....I think I did!

Monday, December 19, 2005


Don't know if anyone noticed or not but I just couldn't help smiling on Sunday. And oh my goodness, my view from the stage of singing from from the Praise Team this Sunday was UNBELIEVEABLE. I mean, it's always good to sing. But this week was different. It's like the congregation was just hyped up or something. It was just truly an awesome day. And I loved the song choices for the day! I love it when we sing "A new anointing" well and then anything by Dennis Jernigan. It was just truly an awesome day of praise.

But the funny thing is when I sing on team I have to be there an hour early. So Chad has to come with the kids later. So here he comes walking in. Now, with me being in school and him working 90 hours per week, we haven't seen much of each other lately. So he walks in WEARING A SUIT I might add, and he has his hair all slicked up! Lookin' pretty good!!! Looks like he walked off the cover of a GQ magazine or something. I had to take a double take to make sure that he belonged to me! :o)

Good thing is, he gets 2 days off this year! Christmas day and the day after! That is the first time in 9 years that has happened! Whoo Hoo! What a joy!

So now I'm working franticly to get my house nice and clean for him to surprise him and the kids and I are making his favorie cookies and cake for when he gets home from work tonight for a surprise. We video taped a dance contest earlier that we had so that he could watch that for his entertainment and believe me, it will be a comedy. Especially MY portion of it. See....the kids taught me to do the Charlie Brown dance. I think I may have pulled a muscle or something. But I did the water sprikler too and maybe a Casper dance. But never know those big windows we have in the front of our house....THEY NEVER CLOSE! HA! We have the best laugh earlier when my neighbor came over earlier and said she was enjoying our aerobic workout session!!! Ha! Ha! Glad to know we can provide the neighborhood entertainment!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm a pretty smart person......BUT.....

Technology today overwhelms me at times. As I sit here and look at this computer and look at the times on these post, they always conflict with the actual time. I can't ever figure out how to get it on the right time.

I just can't seem to ever get my clocks right in my life. It truly makes me laugh out loud!

You've got this little clock over here in the right hand corner of your screen. See, I know you are looking at it now. Then you will have the one that will tell you what time this blog was posted. Both of those will be different. Then the one one my arm says something totally different. Then my cell phone and everywhere else.

Then you have the one hanging on the wall that is a hour earlier because I never changed it from the daylight savings time so I just leave it. But if you go into the kitchen, the one right by the back door, it has completely stopped. The battery died. Well, I can't find any batteries in the house because they all go in every remote control we own for a kids toy. Ha!

So you look at the microwave, but everytime the wind blows, the power goes out because a tree limb his the powerlines so it is useless to reset that one so who knows what time it says.

So the best way to tell time is to look the sun! Yep! According to my son Ian! Look outside and depeding on were the sun is in the sky then you know. IF IT'S DARK...YOU JUST BETTER BE IN BED!

An A, Lemonade, & King Kong.....

You ever have those days when you feel that just EVERYTHING for once if your life is going RIGHT? I mean come on. Okay, now not everything thing can be perfect....there's always that finance thing. But for me today, it had to be the absolute best days of all days. And here it is, 2:55 AM, YES IN THE MORNING and I am still grinning from ear to ear! If I were a drinker...I'd be living it up but I'm high on life!

Today life just handed me lemons and I made the lemonade! My day started off we a perfect morning with all the kids in a wonderful morning. I worked at the school all day so that the office staff could go and celebrate their holiday luncheon and take the afternoon off. They work so hard all of the time and you never hear them complain about it. And they are good at what they do so it is nice to be appreicaited like that in the middle of the work day with a little R&R. Doris and I held down the Fort with Mr. Wyble (The Principal) which was a hoot and we just had a blast!

Most of the afternoon I paced back and forth as I awaited my grade on the TCC website. I prayed so hard for God to give the the patience to not e-mail my professor and just wait for the grade. After long hours and hard work, my efforts with my study buddy Tim over the past week paid off and I earned an A in the course. I'm still trying to get over the initial shock at the moment. I probably won't sleep for days as I'm still reciting the essay in my head. Actually, recitinig multiple essays in my head! Yikes!

I was fortunate to spend a nice quiet evening by myself tonight listening to holiday music and making out christmas cards. Tongiht, some christmas carolers came by the neighbors house to sing to her as she is all alone. It was a treat to witness that. She was certainly overwhelmed with joy receive such a gift from her church youth.

After Chad came home, VERY LATE we went with Janet and Brett to see King Kong. It was actually an okay movie. I was surprised with it but I really liked it in the end. It was fun to be finally rewarded with some fun and a date night. It's been so long since we've had a chance to go out and be together and just have fun and laugh. That's really important this time of year for everyone. We had a great time so I guess now that it's after 3:00am I should try to get some sleep. Lucky for kids+a warm bed+NO SCHOOL=SLEEPING IN TOMORROW!!! YEA!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The end of a chapter

Today I ended another semester. And believe me, I took the final of ALL FINALS! My political science class was the most difficult and challenging I have ever taken! But I love a challenge! For myself I wish I could have proved a better performance but cracked under pressure. I haven't found out the grade yet, but at this point, I know I did my best at that point. I can truly say I enjoyed the class though. Very animated professor. I truly never had an interest in this subject before now and will always be interested and will probably tune into CSPAN daily and think of him.
My history class was not as enjoyable. I think this time it was the professor that did not make it enjoyable. He didn't seem interested so I wasn't really interested. Next semester I start my sciences with Chemistry and Biology and I'm sure I'll throw something else into that mix.

Next semester I move to the Southeast campus and that will be a new venture for me. I've enjoyed my past year at the North campus and have found it to be home for me. Eventually I'll have to make Metro my home with my Nursing major but for now I go where the classes suit my needs.

Today was fun after class I got to just relax for once. I volunteered and the kids school and we walked to our adopt-a-school sponsor "Direct TV" with the student council and sang christmas carols. We also went to the neighborhood nursing home and sang to them and visited with the elderly and had a good time too. We just had a blast. It was so much fun. I just love when you can really give back to your community and they just appreciate you for it. They loved us being there and we loved going. This was just a really great day.
Even with the hard test and all. It just ended well!

Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm under stess and I can't get up!

Oh my goodness! What can I say! This has just been crazy!

Where so I start?

Friday? The pitbull! The Police! They consume 5 hours of my day!
I get home to hear my dog screaming at the top of her lungs as she's trying to get away from the vengence of the wrath of a 150lbs of a vicious pit bull that had jumped our fence. What was I thinking when I decided to put my life in between the two and rescue my my 75lb Lab???? HELLO??? Call me stupid but I'm not even a dog lover! And speaking of lover....this pit didn't want to love on my dog, it wanted to EAT my dog! So I'm on the phone with 911, got the phone in 1 hand my dog on the other, 3 kids hanging one by a thread and one bull that is trying to eat its way though my back door while the owner now who doesn't speak a lick of english wants in my front door all while trying to get a grip on realiy. Does anyone have any calgon???

For some unknown reason, my call goes out to the police as DOMESTIC VIOLECE! I wonder why! They come a blazin! Meanwhile, I'm tellin the man the best I can "Nope...YA AIN'T GETTIN YOUR DOG" But he jumps my fence like spider man and gets the dog. Police show up, still give him a ticket and it's over. SO I THOUGHT. Give it 30 minutes.....THE DO IS BACK AT MY BACK DOOR!

I KNOW NOW I'M LIVING IN SOMETHING FROM THE MOVIE HALLOWEEN!!! IT WON'T GO AWAY! This is terrible! Michael Myers, Freddie, Carrie....Whatever scary's back! And it's foaming at the mouth! I'm back calling 911 again! Can you believe I'm home alone during all this just with my 3 kids. They're going to make a movie about me one day!

So the police come back! They can't believe they are back! They are laughing at this point! And yes! At me! They get out of the car. The first words...."Are you serious...the dog is back?" "Can we shoot it?" They asked me? Funny they asked my permission?! Only if I had a gun huh? They problem would have been solved now.

So they neighbor now has two...count to pay and I finally put my dog back outside and I'm resting peacfully. But I'm afraid for my kids. This is really a scary dog. Really, I don't think its a dog. I think haunted from some other plant or something.

But the next morning the story gets worse!

Back right into Chad's car! How stupid can your own wife be! What was I doing? What was I thinking about? Something obviously way more important than backing out of the driveway. Didn't hurt his car a bit but put a nice big dent and HOLE in my bumper! I'm so crushed!

Then to top it off! I'm walking out of Albertsons yesterday and my purse strap breaks!

Face it! I'm just falling apart! I just can't get it right this week!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Disposing of the STUFF...


Old Basketball Hoop....Check Check!!

Yeah..papers that I piled out of my van..check check check!!!

This is me today cleaning out my garage! Why?

Okay so the forecast says that there is going to be snow. They predict six inches so we'll get a dusting. When they say a dusting, we'll get six inches I bet. Either way, I wanted the garage to be clean enough that we could actually fit BOTH cars in. Did I mention that we would have to be able to get into the cars by opening the doors??? Oh...well, that's still a problem, but I did it. I cleaned it out. It wasn't easy because we just have so much stuff. I just kept asking myself over and over, WHY? Why do you keep these things. The Slip-N-Slide for example. I know I will just go and buy another one next year. There is not possible way on earth you can keep a slip-N-slide in your garage without it getting all torn up or losing the steaks that go in the ground. And not only was this a big slide...may I add that it was STILL AIRED UP from last summer! So you can see the problem here.

I did not hesitate. I walked straight out around the house and threw that thing in the garbage. Okay, well next to the can. With all that air in it, it just wouldn't fit! So I'm felling really feeling good about this mainly because I want to surprise Chad when he gets home so he can just pull right in and relax for the night.

It was really cold outside and I started to feel like that movie Dumb and Dumber. You know the part where they have the SNOT running out the nose and it's frozen. Well, you get the picture huh? At any rate, I accomplished my goal and the garage tonight is clean and both cars or vans are in and staying warm from the possible snow that is coming tonight.

You Matthew 6:19-20 it says "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

So many times I get caught up in the "stuff" that I have here. Not that I can't part with it, and I don't feel like a pack rat, but I just don't think about it until I am confronted with it today. Why did I store it to begin with? I had to stop and laugh for a moment and think...."I'm sure they will have slip-N-slides in Heaven!" I think we have a fun God!


Monday, December 05, 2005

God's reading my BLOG!!!

Today was really interesting. I like to go to school early so I can have my quiet time to study. That is about the only place that I can get away from things here. I swear I have ADD! Either that or it is just the every day stuff that gets in my way. I will stop studying to get the laundry done, or the dishes, or dusting, or bathrooms, etc. So I have to leave to pass my classes.

So anyway, yesterday I was saying that He was really testing my patience right? Well, I show up for History today. My least favorite class. This professor does not believe in starting late nor letting out early. In fact, if you have to get up to go to the bathroom, you get counted absent for the entire day. It's pretty harsh if you ask me. But today he gave an assignment and about thirty minutes for completion. He made the comment that in the mean time, we may leave the room or do whatever if we finish early just be back by 11:30. I'm thinking...."am I hearing this right? We can actually go pee? Get a coke? Pretzels? Something?" Wow! So I took advantage of the moment with a few to spare. We come back and cover the material that will be on the final next week with 30 mintues left in the class period. Have my eyes decieve me???? Can this be correct? We still have 30 minutes left! I don't know what to say! So you know at this point where I have to go....It's Monday. I have a Dr. appointment which I've been late for before. On numerous occasions! So I thought today I would take this opportunity and show up early.

So I get in the car and I call Chad and begin to tell him this good news when it just hits me like a ton of bricks. I just start crying and now he can't figure out waht's wrong with me!

"But I didn't pray for this...." I told him! "I just wrote it in my blog!!!"

Not like God won't listen to me even when I'm not directly talking straight to Him right? It was odd to feel this overwhelming feeling of happiness. You know those times when you are in one of those church classes and you have that question that almost always comes up "When is the last time you are just certain you had a prayer answered?" Hum...I think I can recall Jody Jones asking that about two weeks ago and I felt bad for not having an answer. I felt like I wasn't really paying attention to God's answers. But weather or not I like it, He's always answered me, just maybe not in the way I wanted it or maybe He didn't communicate it so loudly as He did today. Today I had the best drive to the office. It was calm, peaceful, and realxing, and even a bit emotional as I was just overwhelmed with joy as it was just one of those God moments for me! So God....Just keep on reading and I'll keeping on writing!


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Patience all around

I discovered this past week that God was testing my patience all around. I've been scheduled to see Breck several times right when I get out of school. That's about a good 20 minute drive from the north campus to his office two to three times per week. More than once, I've been late. Not only late, we're talking really late. And anyone who knows me well, knows that is my biggest complaint about others. So you see...He's really working on me! I always go by the motto that if you are five minutes early, then you are on time. So anyway, I take several different routes, and every time, either I44 is down to one lane one day, or there is a stalled car on another day. So on a different day, I decided, I'm not going to take the highway at all. I will just go straight down Yale. So God sends a TRAIN! Not a short one. ONE THAT STOPS ON THE TRACKS! Who am I kidding right? What is He trying to tell me.

So it's not just this that gets to me lately about patience that I have noticed.
I'm doing double duty at home. With Chad working two jobs, I am a little worn out. And the funny thing is, my kids are being both really good and bad at the same time. I mean, I am watching them change for the better and I am just admiring their faith and courage as they are walking through some struggles with us. They don't ask questions, they just role with the punches.

Last night was really hard. We celebrated Lukus' birthday. It was a really small celebration with just family. And unfortunately, he noticed the difference this time. I was hoping to try and make a big deal out of it but I didn't manage very well at all and he cried all the way home. You know....have you ever seen the movie "Cheaper by the dozen"...he reminds me of the boy on there they call "FedEx". You know, the middle child that always feels left out and just try my hardest with him but most of the time with Lukus, I feel I fail. But I pick up those pieces and I keep on truckin because I can't let that get the best of me. I'm going to find a way to make this up to him somehow. It's just a small speck in the scheme of a big reality.

I'm quite proud of our children in their act of patience lately. Especially tonight at the group party. Ian really impressed me when he didn't throw a fit when he was one of the last ones picked to draw a present. That is HUGE for him. I was sitting on pins and needles. When I tucked him into bed tonight we talked about his accomplishments for the day and this was a really big one for him and he just smiled. He didn't realize he had done so well and he was really proud of himself. I was also able to give him a compliment from his new Sunday school teacher today too which he really liked.

Over the past couple of weeks I've just really felt alone. I'm not scared or afraid. But just a little sadness. I don't like to see Chad have to work so hard but right now there is no other alternative. I guess I should thank God that he is fortunate that he has two jobs instead of one. We knew it would be hard when I went back to school but were never prepared for just how hard exactly. I do my best to keep up all the chores and my studies so that he doesn't have anything to worry about when he comes home because this is taking everything completely out of him. I just never in my life imagined that I would have someone as good as him that gives up everything, including all of his time, energy, and sanity, just so we can pay the bills and eat. Sure I may feel like a single mom most of the time, but it sure is nice when he calls or comes home and I know I do have that special someone to talk to. And I know that comment is silly because I know it would be much harder to be a single mom having to do this and try to work myself.

Working for FedEx is nice, but every year from Nov-Dec it is hard in itself just because that is the busy time of year. You truly become a alone as a spouse for a couple of months. Then add another job on top of than and then you don't ever see your spouse. So see where patience comes into play? Patience....all around!!!


Friday, December 02, 2005

Bethlehem Walk!

All I can say is Wow!!!

Tonight we went to Christview Christan Church and completed a 45 minute walk to Bethlehem and boy did they ever make it realistic. From the soliders, to the beggers and lepers, all the way to paying our taxes and not having enough money at the end. Finally at the end getting to witness baby Jesus and the three crosses and finally the empty tomb where Jesus rose. It was absolutetly incredible. This will forever be an annual family event for us from now on. I have never been to a place where they have so accurately played out the role of each character and gotten the visitors involved in all of the activity as well. It was just truly amazing.

I was blown away at the thought of how so many churches offer events for the community during Halloween such as Fall Festivals and Hay Rides but you don't see very many community events during the Christmas season. None like I had witnessed this evening and especially not far from my home. I am just in awe and I don't know what to think. I think God is good!

Monday, October 31, 2005

What a month!

The month of October proved to be no fun at all. Much to my surprise, I just decided to get headaches all the time. But I'll tell you what, this is the fifth week and I'm doing much better. I've had a complete physical from my brain to my toes and know how heathly I really am. Not sure what brought all of this on to begin with but I sure am going to pay attention when my head starts talking! Or moreso...pounding.
I've truly learned something from this. God is the one in control. I know when I decided to give it all to him and surrender my pain, He is the ultimate healer. I'm not really good at asking others for help, prayers, etc. But yet, I continue to try to maintain control of the things in life that are just not up to me to take care of . God has said all along he will take care of me. So I guess somewhere there are other things that come up here. Patience, Selfishness, Control. Yikes! Those are hard words. God really works on me to shape me into always being a better person. Sometimes, I think he probably gets sick of working overtime to get my attention. Ha! I hope sometimes he's just chuckling to himself saying "That silly girl...she knew it all along." Guess there's a time he just has to point out the obvious to me. But I can say, he has made me aware of all the things I really enjoy and the things I take forgranted. A month down and really bring a person back to their feet.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I made an A!!!

This is my first time trying out this new blog thing. As I love to be on the computer and love to journal, I thought this would be a great way to store my thoughts and share them as well. Yesterday we celebrated the forth with our family. We hung out by the pool and ate lots of food and some delicious brownies from Sarah. They were fantastic. Didn't help me in my quest for losing weight.
Daddy sent me to buy fireworks at the last minute and I think the young man at the stand lied to me. I asked for a package of fountains. I prefered nothing that would leave the groud. Well, can you guess what I got? Yep! Everyone of those silly things shot flaming balls. It sure was a good laugh though and the kids enjoyed the light show. We went to our usual spot at the costume shop to watch the show. Unfortunately, we've been spoiled the past two nights with better shows by the Drillers. For some reason, the 4th of July show is NEVER better than theirs. It's really odd. Maybe it's because we are so close at the Driller games. Either way, three nights of fireworks has been fun for us and we've had a great time each night.
Oh, and yesterday I found out I made an A in my Comp II class this summer. I'm so happy. I am actually thrilled the class is finished. 16 weeks crushed down into a 4 week fast track class and I'm wiped out. I almost don't know what to do right now. I keep trying to write papers or do homework but there's none left. Ha! My goal is to maintain my status on the honor roll.
I am enrolled for Chemistry and Political Science in the fall. In the mean time, I will play with the kids, go on vacation, and then it's back to the books for me.