Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day, Night...Night Day!

This weekend.....the middle of your day has turned into the middle of my nights. I worked last night and slept yesterday during the day. I did get to come home early get a few hours of sleep before chruch and then back home to bed again. Now it's my morning again. I think. In about an hour, I'll head out for another full day of work. Or night of work.

I've always wondered about the people who work the night shift. Not just at the hospital, but anywhere. It's not an easy thing to do. For me, I am a lot more fun when I am extremely tired. Some of the nurses on the night shift said I bring a different element to their shift. Laughter! I have found most night people are pretty serious people. In our line of work, there is a time for serious, and a time for fun. I know the difference and when to turn it off and on. But in all seriousness...I like the fun side.

Do you just like the element of of fun in life? I like to be around fun people just as much as I like to be one of those fun people. I think if we stop having fun in our life, we miss out on all the great opportunities to smile, laugh, and enjoy the brighter side of life.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Right Side...Wrong Side ;o)

Do you ever just wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

That was me today! And in my new king size bed, there were no sides at all. I think no matter where I had woke up, it wouldn't have been in the right place.

Am I the only one that has these days?

No matter what I did to try and cheer myself didn't work.
No matter how hard my family wasn't working either.
Even Theresa tried to make me laugh...and my laugh was just broken!

It's the most horrible feeling in the world to feel like you are even mad at the paint on the wall. It's just frustrating.
James 1:19-20 My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires
I did not have the righteous life this morning. I pray that tomorrow whatever side of the bed I wake up on is better than today's. And if it's not...I think I'll start sleeping on the floor.

I did take a nap this afternoon so I can be well rested for the rest of the evening. I think that the extra time is just what was ordered!

I thank God for friends that make me laugh! Theresa was able to crack the first smile out of me tonight with her talented wit! I'm heading to work tonight for the rest of the night which will lead to a to a long day tomorrow. Maybe if I just don't go to sleep then I can't blame it on the bed huh?

Blessings to my wonderful friends whom I love dearly!!!!
Have a great night!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Promises...not resolutions.

I'm a big dreamer! Not small....but HUGE!!!
I haven't quite figured out if this is a good thing or bad thing yet.

I have dreams and high hopes for me in many areas of my life. Not all of them will pan out. Some things I'm good at, some I'm great at, and some...well...I just shouldn't quit my day job.

I'm okay with this. What I don't want to do is SETTLE! I don't want to settle for something that is not who I am supposed to become. We spend so much time on this earth trying to become something that we will never be. We see others achievements and someday, hope to be like those we look up to. Well, we all know who it is we should be looking up to....and with His guidance, we'll achieve whatever He has in store for us.

This week I have realized that I'm not going to ever achieve all of my dreams. I just don't think it is possible. Some of my dreams, I'm just not cut out for. But I can certainly love to watch others achieve the dream that I would like to live. I can live in their excitement, their enjoyment, their I go on to achieve another dream of my own. Not sure what it really is, but I will find it.

I'm afraid. I'm afraid to try new things. Yet, I live in the excitement of the thrill of a new experience. I could fail. I could succeed. But all in all, the success comes in knowing that I'm willing to put my all into whatever I do.

Sadness does not belong in this area. Criticism of myself will not be tolerated. I will think positive thoughts about believe in those that believe in me. So many times we get trapped in moments of criticizing ourselves that we get to a point where we can't ever be happy.

I rarely make new years resolutions. I don't make them because I am horrible at keeping them. This year I want to just a make a promise to myself. I want to promise myself that I will be happy with whatever I become. If I never make it any further than I am today, in my life, my love, my talent, my career, whatever it is that I am involved in, I want to promise myself that I am happy and content with the outcome of who I am. I don't have to be in the spotlight, or the center of attention to know my worth.


Chad getting ready to have a NERF war with my brother!

Emilie helping my brother load up to get mommy!

Me attacking my brother. He looks quite scared. This was one of our milder moments during the game. Mom had to finally yell at us for rough housing. (yes...I also know what's wrong in this pic!)

Ian was Jordan's Secret Santa this year. He couldn't wait for her to open her barbies!

Chad, Me, and my sister-in-law Jessica and my brother Randy. WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN!

There is nothing worse than being sick on Christmas morning. But she made it through the day.

This was a NERF Christmas if I've ever saw one!!!!!

My brother again. He's just so funny I have to show pictures of him.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I made a difference!!!

I am the luckiest person that I know.

In 2003, Chad started a book for me. It was originally for my 30th birthday. He took it to over 90 people and had them write something about me.

Now, I didn't even think I knew 90 people, but apparently I do.
From time to time, when I am having a bad day, I will take the book off the shelf in the living room and read it. It gives me new hope for the day and the future.

For Christmas this year, Chad had more entries added to the book. (with the help of Theresa) So now it has over 100 entries of the most beautiful things from the most beautiful people. Some make me laugh and some make me cry. It's truly a great gift in more ways that one.

I am so blessed.

I'm blessed more than I can ever know.
We live in such a world where everything is monetary. But words are not.

When we say words of love, we can do it in so many ways. We speak words, we sing words, we write words, and yet, they are so eloquent. I love it because everyones words are so unique. Some are poets, some are more literal, and some are just simply blunt and straight forward. Telling someone how much you love them is one of the most precious jewels that you can give someone. Some people are good at this, some are shy. I, for one, love to tell people how much they mean to me. I love to see people feel better about themselves knowing that I love them. One of the greatest gifts to me everyday is knowing that someone appreciates the fact that I love them.

When we receive words it's not always the same. When we are face to face with our friends, it is so easy (if they are honest) to know how they feel. When we receive an e-mail, it's difficult at times to detect tone. Of course, that is, if you are good with all the little smiley faces that go with e-mails, text, and such. When we receive letters or cards in the mail, it's exciting, since this is not always the preferred form of communicating in these days of technology.

One person that really stands out to me is my friends Theresa. When she talks to me, she doesn't tell me all the good, but she tells me the bad too. She knows how to communicate in such a way where she is bluntly honest, but doesn't hurt my feelings. She has been an excellent teacher for me on how to communicate with others. She has taught me how to be more open and honest. Especially honest. When I ask her opinion, she loves me enough to give me her honest opinion right then. Not make me wait around and wonder what she's really thinking. This is what I love about her. In everything she does, she makes me feel like a better person, while helping me to become a better person.

Do you know I have over 100 friends? Every person that wrote something to me has affected me somehow in someway in my life. I couldn't ever ask for anything more than that.

All I've cared about for so long is making a difference in the lives of others. This Christmas, the gift I received was knowing that....I did it. More than 100 times.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

U Can't Touch This!

We went on a field trip last Wednesday with all the kids to the 66'ers game. I love this event every year. This year I stepped in for a teacher who did not want to go out on the court for a bit of "Karaoke". The at the end of the 3rd quarter, I went down and sang against another parent from another school M.C. Hammer's "You can't touch this". And I won!!! I think it wasn't about was about representin!!! And that I did!

Here are a few pics from that day!

Friday, December 14, 2007

They came from FAR away to help!

Emergency Services are in full swing!!!

A caravan of electrical vehicles. I thought it was funny they are stationed right in front of the waterpark!

This is how we warm and dry our work gloves outside!

This is the front of our house. The branches are broken but have not fallen yet. We're still waiting for them to fall.

This is Lukus and my dad trying to pull some broken limbs down. They were successful.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice, Pizza, and Free WiFi!

Tonight we had some very welcomed visitors during the ice storm. Dan, Theresa, and the kids all came over. We ordered pizza and had interesting conversation, and obnoxious singing moments. It was so much fun.
Tomorrow night we're having breakfast for dinner so I think they may be back! And will certainly be welcomed with open arms. If you like eggs and pancakes...come on over! (Sorry Theresa)

Emilie and Lukus listening to Dans IPOD.

Jeremy and Nate having fun on the big comfy chair!

Me and Theresa...well....doing what we do best!

Me and the kiddos singing Veggie Tale songs

And it wouldn't be complete without a pic of T & B

Living in Darkness

I sit here today and continue to watch my tree tumble in the yard. We had recently decorated the yard for the neighborhood light contest. After driving around, we are just sure that we could take first or a good second place. Our house looked like a runway for planes. That's even scary knowing the planes fly over our house for take off and landings.
Now I look out and I just see a mess. The lights are broken, the snowman is dead and it's just a big pile of rubble.

Groups of men come to my door nearly every hour offering to clean up my yard. It's all for a nice fee of course. Fortunately, I'm still young enough and have a great husband and with our teamwork combined, we've managed to get a lot of it done. In the rain and all. Everyday, more branches fall off. The big ones are just hanging by a thread and waiting for a gust of wind to blow them down.

I think I have been overworked this week at work. Long hours and late hours. We implemented the external disaster plan (also called a CODE YELLOW) and that means everyone that is able should be prepared to come into work. I was one of those that had to go in and although we were extremely busy, I was able to help get a lot accomplished yesterday.

I was able to leave about 3:00am and I have to say, I cried all the way home.
I didn't turn the radio on, I didn't call anyone.

I was driving in the biggest fog I have ever seen. There was no power, no lights, and just a small glimpse of the white lines on the road. That was my only sense of direction. I felt like I was living something out of a Stephen King book.
I could not drive over 15mph the entire way. I couldn't see the path in front of me. Would I hit a car? A tree? Power lines? Was there even a road before me?

This is probably the most scared and alone I have ever felt in my life. I could hear my heart beating louder than the crackles of ice on the ground. About every 1/2 mile down the road, I would see a small light that would guide my way. I would stop and take a breath. If I could see a light, I felt like I wasn't alone.

I prayed quite a bit last night during my journey home. Living in darkness is not a good thing. it was the most horrifying moment in my life.
I was very thankful when I reached home. Somewhere safe away from all harm.

I think there was a very valuable lesson learned from last night!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Ice Ice

This was the only smile we saw on Chad's face today. I think it was because we drove up and suprised him in this nasty weather.

This is our tree that is 35 years old. This is right before all the branches started falling. It has survived so many storms, I'm sad to see it go. We just pray that it doesn't fall on the house.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

What??? There's Ice???

Every year we have fun with snow and ice on the trampoline! They break up all the ice for us so we can save the tranpoline by standing it up on it's side.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Okay...the secret is going to be out now. I secretly am a huge DONNY OSMOND fan.
And one of the feel good movies that I watch when I'm down is Donny in Joseph and the Amazing technicolor dreamcoats. My kids love and yes, we own the soundtrack and movie and they can sing it all too.
So it's not within the Christmas theme of songs, but it's what I'm watching tonight.
Here is one of my favorite scenes.

Where are you Christmas????

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An annual favorite!

I know I post this every year at this time, but my kids love it.

Monday, December 03, 2007

What's wrong with this picture????

Bring out the songs

Okay...Christmas is my favorite time of the year for music. I'm a sucker for it. So you'll see a lot of videos between now and then.

Friday, we began watching the Polar Express again and this is Emilie's favorite. We sang it the rest of the weekend around the house, in the car, and everywhere.