Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Proud Momma! is really amazing what a differnce a year makes.

Yesterday I had the chance to meet with Ian's teachers. This is normally a very emotionally taxing day for me. I went with great anxiety....but did not allow Ian to see that in me. But somehow, I think he senses it.

He introduced me to each of his teachers one by one. I stood there....waiting....but they said nothing other than it was nice to meet me. Um...WHAT???

Each teacher commented on how nice it was to have him in class and what a great, hard working student he really is. (Imagine me with my mouth hitting the floor at this moment. I felt like I was on candid camera or being punked)

Finally we had a chance to sit and talk with the Ian's special education coordinator. Ian was forced this year with his IEP to only get to choose 1 elective instead of 2. He choose mens choir. For the second choice he was placed in a special education class titled "study skills". Ian knew from the first day that this was special ed. But he was okay with it and never complained.

As we proceeded to talk, she says...."I don't think he needs to be in here. I do not see a problem"
She proceeded to tell us that she keeps track of Ian on a daily basis and is in constant communication with his teachers and none of them have any complaints at all. They all say he is a hard worker and is making lots of friends.

Do you know how long it has taken us to get to this point? Do you know what we have been through? Do you know how long we have waited to hear those words spoken? I did everything I could to hold back tears in front of him.

So....because of his hard the end of the first semester, if this continues, they will allow him to get out of "study skills" and get in a more interesting class that is fun and exciting for him. ALSO.....they said that he only missed his reading test last year by 4 points to get his drivers they will be giving that to him again next week and they are sure he will pass it. Um...I'm a little scared on the driving permit...but hey....I have to let him grow up sometime.

So many have prayed for Ian. So many have loved him. So many have been great mentors for him. I pray they never quit.

For 15 years, we have put in a good fight all the way for him never letting him down and never letting him lose or get beat down. We've tried to teach him to be such a good young man never reallying knowing if we were going about it the right way and praying that God would guide us in the path. I feel at this point....we have least 1 thing right. :o)

Our battle in life with him is not over....but....we see a HUGE light at the beginning of a new tunnel!!!! That gives me so much reason to praise God today for the lessons He has taught me through this amazing child!