Thursday, November 06, 2008

God's Big Surprises...come in small packages.

I remember after having Lukus I thought "I am done having kids". I had 2 boys. I was content. But I have to admit there was a longing in my heart and Chad's to try one more time for a girl.

We were always very fortunate that we did not struggle in having to wait for children. God blessed us everytime, and very early.

I'm constantly reminded that I struggle with patience. In some circumstances that may be true, but in having children, it was not. With the first two, I found out what sex they would be through ultrasound. I used the excuse "But I need to be able to prepare". What did they do before ultrasound? Um....they didn't!
I figured that God's design in having children was about more than one thing. But one of those things was patience.

From the moment we found out, Chad and I decided together that we would pray everyday of the pregnancy and be faithful to God. We would have patience and wait on Him. But truly, and often, we begged him for a baby girl.
Throughout the 9 months we did have difficult times where the pressure was on to find out, but we stood firm against it.

9 years ago today, I remember thinking "Will this baby ever come out?"
I didn't have a long struggling labor, it was fairly easy. It began about 5:15 in the morning, and at 4:02 in the afternoon, I heard 3 words that I thought I would never hear. IT'S A GIRL!

Oh my goodness, the screams from the room, my family running out to tell everyone, Chad in complete tears, and me thinking "What?? What did you just say?"
I even made the doctor prove it. ;o)

As Emilie Ann was handed to me, I was still trying to absorb the fact that we had an answered prayer. Even as a newborn, she was just a beautiful as could be. She had the thickest head of dark black hair that stood straight up. I (who was born with no hair) had to just laugh and laugh. But from that moment, she became, DADDY'S GIRL!

It took a while for it all so soak in, but for 9 months, I had already thanked God for whatever it was that he would bring us. We would be happy. I don't think my feelings would be any different if I had 3 boys. But since I had a girl, I have this fabulous story of an answered prayer.

Emilie is such a blessing to me. When I look at her, I see her hopes and dreams in her eyes. She has such a sweet spirit about her. She is the ultimate GIVER! This year is really the first year she has ever really ASKED to have a party. She doesn't have any toys, because she is so generous....she gives it all away. She gives her chore money away. She is content and happy with who she is and what she has and never complains.

One of the best compliments that a dear friend gave me is that I am the most patient mother she has ever seen. I hope that when my 3 get older, they remember what a patient mother they had and how much I truly love them.

I hope that this year, I can give Emilie what her heart desires. Sure, it's not just a party, but I can give her back the same type of unconditional love that she has always given me.

I'd love to post baby pics, but they are all in storage! :o(
But I have these 3 and they are my favorites!


Tammy said...

A Happy Birthday to Emilie! And a happy birth day to you, Brenda! Mom's should have a special gift with every birth day along with the birthday child...just my opinion :)

Brenda said...

I agree!!! Will you text Chad and let him know! LOL!

Tammy said... made me cry. Bittersweet.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday, Emilie! You are blessed to have the family that you have, and they are blessed that you are a part of their lives!

Linda L said...

Happy belated birthday to Emilie!
I agree with Tammy, each child's birthday is a special day for mom...I think even more special than their own birthday! So many special memories. May you two have many more to come!