Friday, June 29, 2007

Random Facts

Theresa Tagged me! This will be the second time in my life. I feel honored!

Here are the rules:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

And so... random facts...

1.)I'm terrified of fish and things that swim in the water. If I see a lake on the news, I burst out into tears. Really, I'm that afraid and I don't know why. So don't ever invite me to the lake for the weekend.

2.) Being recognized in public or complimented embarrasses me. I like to be praised privately.

3.) I love musicals. More than that, I love to memorize musicals. More than that, I love to sing musicals.

4.) I have very few enemies. (that I know of) I have some very genuine friends.

5.) In my spare time, I love to dance like nobody's watching.

6.) The silver surfer in Fantastic Four scared me.

7.) I loved being 17!!!! Life was good!

8.) I can't sleep past 7:00am. Even if I try really's just not happening.

So, I tag: Chad, Chris, Shane, and Leslie Ruth. Don't let me down!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Semi's, Rain, and I44

Today I was coming home on I44 when a semi decided to run me off the road. Fortunatley, the median at that point was grass. We hadn't gotten to the concrete barriers yet. I was fine as well as my car. (and yes..I was worried about my car)

I didn't get as mad as I normally do, but I was upset. I continued to drive with this trucker within my sight. I sat there in the quiet of my car for a few miles and just thanked God that I was okay.

I decided to exit at a different exit today and when it was my turn to go, another car slid into the intersection. Fortunatley, I heard the screeching of the tires before I went.

I have the dreams of rolling the car, being hit, being involved in shootings, or something tragic happening. One of the doctors at work told me that these visions are completely normal for where I work, what I do, and what I see.

I guess it's a good thing because it has made me a more cautious person over the past year.

Friday, June 22, 2007

no jinxing me now.....

I made a comment a few weeks ago that I don't like asking for prayers because I'm afraid it will jinx things. When I normally ask for something certain, usually the next day, things go all wrong. In my heart I know this is not how things really are, it's just me being hurt on the inside.

I asked for prayers for Ian and well....they have worked. Unbelieveably worked!!!

3 weeks ago I fought so hard against having to put Ian on antipsychotic medication. This is not a move I wanted to make. But they are truly working. Ian is becoming a child that is much easier to live with. He has started to eat, he now sleeps, and I am able to carry on a highly normal conversation with him without all the drama. I get a lot more hugs, and he wants to spend time with me.

I still see the occassional 'I'm bored' or a little whining, but think that's a bit normal for a kid in the summertime who just wants to be on the go all the time.

I stil haven't made a decision for school next year. We're still waiting on the United Way to make a decision. Until then we wait and paise God for all that He has done. I feel it's enough, but I want to ask for more, but afraid to. I feel like I shouldn't because He's already done so much.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Silly Girls....

Does this remind you of anything?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


After yesterday I really needed something to pick me up. I didn't sleep at all last night as the pain in my foot was pretty bad. I had a test this morning. My first big test of the summer. And for anyone that knows me...I don't like test!

However, this one, I not only passed it....I hit it out of the ballpark!!!
I made 108%!!! I answered every question correct plus the bonus questions. I couldn't believe it. After everything that happened yesterday, I was just sure I wouldn't do that well on the test. Little did I know that God had planted all that information in my head. It really made me feel great today!

Monday, June 18, 2007

If it could happen....

It's going to happen to me. Believe me, I have the worse luck of all the people I know. (except for Job) So today I'm having a pretty good day. Things are going well, I'm studying for a test I have in the morning when all of the sudden, I walk across the carpet and a FISH HOOK decides to reach up and grab my toe. Yes, a fish hook. might ask "What is a fish hook doing in your carpet" and my answer would be...I HAVE 3 KIDS! Nuff said.
So we took a trip to the ER to have it removed. Now...there is nothing worse than being in an ER where you work. The paybacks you get for all the things you've done to others comes back to haunt you. It was NOT a fun time and let me EXTREMELY hurt when they got it out. I will spare you the details of how it came out, but just think of how to get a hook out of a fish. It's the same way with a toe. Did I yell....yes!!!
So now, other than being overly emotional from just everything that has taken place, I'm okay. I'm sad that I can't swim or take a bath for a couple of weeks. And all my frinds know how much I love the bath tub!
I took before an after shots. The after shots are kind of gross so I won't post those, but you can see the hook in this one. All I need now....probably just a good hug.

Still Blown away!

And so it continues....the semi finals!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blown Away

Some things just blow me away!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I don't like to admit my faults. Especially to those that I look up to.

Last night at small group I admitted something I had done and was ashamed of. May have seemed minor to some, but was a huge slip up in my book. Definately a missed opportunity with my husband. It was even harder to admit that I am human and sometimes screw up. Nobody wants to be viewed was a screw up.
I have yet to have the courage to remedy the situation but pray that God will give me strength to humble myself before Him and show that I truly am the woman of God that I long to be.
It is in is there. Just have to find the strength to bring that part of me out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Staying connected

I often find myself trying to find ways to stay connected to church. It's pretty easy to not be connected when you don't go on Sunday's. I search for opportunities that will fit my HECTIC schedule. Between, work, school, kids, how can I possibly find time for just one more thing to do.
Today I was excited by Heather's enthusiasm when I asked if I could be put on a list where I can send visitors cards. I see their names in the bulletin and I felt so loved when I received cards as a visitor as well as new member. I remember it like it was yesterday...especially Terry's card. That one was fun. Even though he probably sent those out to ALL visitors that week, I felt extra special.
So, I find it funny to send cards to visitors that may never meet me due to my schedule, but it's a way to keep me connected and how cool will it be when I get to come back and one day...put a name with the faces. I'm really so excited about doing this.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Re: Chad's Blog

Okay...I thought it was really funny that Chad blogged about his Granny. Not so much that it was funny...but that he called her "Granny What"!

I must admit...this is a name I gave her in 1995 when we were married about a year.

Her name is actually Arlene Paessler.

She was always "Granny" but in 1995, she came to visit us for about 2 weeks. There were many moments that were a highlights but one stands out the most.

We had just moved in the first house we had ever owned. It was small and cute and needed some cosmetic work. Chad's mom is a go getter in this area. She just keeps on going and works, works, works. So we decided to decorate my kitchen. We didn't have a stereo at the time so it was hard to listen to music. We had received the video "Grease" for Chad's birthday so we put that in and watched it about 100 times during her visit. Granny What LOVED the music. So most of the time, we turned it on and started working in the kitchen. Jan and I would work, and Granny...bless her heart....would sit and watch Grease all the times we needed to hear it to keep ourselves working. EVERYDAY....ALL DAY LONG! It never got old.

Many times I would call into the living room to her and all I would hear her say is
"WHAT?" again...I would say something to her and she again would say "WHAT" in her own little cute voice. For two weeks I always heard her say "WHAT" so then she was named "Granny What" She loves her new name and always laugh when we call....because she's the kids from Tulsa. Nobody else in the family calls her Granny What but us and we love it. She loves it.

Granny What's visits are over here. She won't ever be able to come back to Oklahoma but we will never forget all the good times we had with her. She's truly a gem to love on.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Thursday's Field Trip

Yesterday was quite interesting.

I took the kids out to the SPCA to look at the animals. They liked this so much more than the animal shelter because they allowed them to play with the animals. They were so cute and the kids just loved them.

On our way home we were passing Rose Hill Cemetery. Lukus looks out the window and says:
"Hey mom....LOOK! They have a rock climbing wall over there in the cemetery"

I thought I was going to wreck the car from laughing so hard. What he was looking at was the outdoor mausoleum. So I decided to turn quickly and show him what it really was.
The kids were startled at the fact that I would drive through a cemetery for them. they began by talking about ghost and spirits. Again...quite funny. Here are some of the things they said during this drive.

Lukus: "I bet they come out at night and climb one the rock wall and see who can get to the top first"

Emilie: "Look..there's a grave with a broken heart...somebody was sad"

Ian: "That one has fresh dirt, that one must have just crawled back in last night"

Lukus: "Look that says HUGHES...we must know them"

Ian: "This is where all the spirits and ghost live and they come out at night"

ME: "What about God's spirit?"

Emilie: "Oh...Jesus comes out and plays with them too"

Lukus: "No..Jesus is with them all the time. His spirit is walking through here all the time. Even right now. Can't you see it Emilie?"

Emilie: "No...where?"

Lukus: "Right there...I can see him. His picture is drawn on that he's over there"

This certainly led for intersting conversation the rest of the day. Wonder what trip we will take today! Stay Tuned!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Something I'm good at...

I've always been good at making friends in my life. I laughed recently when explaining that I'm even friends with all my ex-boyfriends. I don't like to burn bridges or make people upset. If I do, I'm quick to resolve the problem. I'm better at doing that with my friendships, but not so much with my my family. It's a weird twist huh?

Today in my devotional I was excited to see how it talks about friendships.
Triple-A friendships to be more specific making sure to focus on Appreciation, Attention, and Affection.

In short it says:
Watch for the things you can appreciate in a specific person today.
Focus on the positives. Be willing to express appreciation where you can.
Be willing to slow down long enough today to give some focused
attention to someone in your top three relationships. Stop to really listen
when they are talking to you. Make the effort to look into their eyes when
you are speaking with them or listening to them. Book a time with
them to go for coffee or do something you keep meaning to do together. Be
intentional about your awareness and consideration of the other person.
Give affection to these most important people in your life. Don't be
stingy with hugs or pats. Speak with tenderness and kindness in your
voice rather than the hurried irritation that creeps into "too busy" lives.
Say "I love you" to those dearest to you often.

Hopefully you will bless the friends you have today and use the triple A effect to gain or mend a few others.
You can see the entire devotional at

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

That time again.....

School started back up this week. My professor rides in everyday on his Harley. It's a site to be seen. But so far, so good. I'm really enjoying the class.

I didn't think the kids would enjoy having to get up at 7:00am everyday during the summer but they have been doing pretty well. I like getting up in the morning. My favorite thing is to sit outside and watch the sunrise. That's the highlight of my day. Yes....even the orange ones!

Today I took the kids on a little field trip. We were on our way to Mohawk Park where they love to play and they saw a sign for the city animal shelter. The kids saw it and asked if we could go. So I thought...why not. I told them ahead of time that in no way are we getting another dog right now, but we will go for the experience.
It was really interesting to see their reactions to some of the dogs. Lukus was particulary sad by the whole ordeal. He said:
"Mom...I can't stand to see them locked up like this. Some of them are crying and it makes me want to cry too"

It's amazing how their little minds work. Some of the dogs had just had puppies TODAY and that sparked some interesting questions.

The animal shelter doesn't allow you to take the dogs out and run with them for a bit but the SPCA does. So we may go and visit them tomorrow so the kids can see that at some places, animals do get to go out and play.

After that we made our way to the splash park and had a great time. The kids are such explorers of nature. They wanted to explore the creek more than play in any of the toys or get wet.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Cry Out

I have noticed I've tried to get a lot of "noise" out of my life lately. I sit in the house and just stare out the window. No TV, no music, just quiet. It's amazing what you can hear God tell you when you are silent and still. Today I have sat here all morning as the kids have slept and a song came into my head. One I haven't sang in ages. It speaks volumes to me as I cry out for His love to free me.
God has allowed me so many times to be weak and rely on his strength.

Theresa reminded me today that it's hard to feel free when I am still being wounded and it's hard to heal when that doesn't stop. Thank you my friend.

I guess it's okay to hurt, to cry, to be wounded. Just as long as I know where to come back to after a good cry.
I wish I would have thought of this song last night to sing, but for's been very healing.

I cry out
For Your hand of mercy to heal me
I am weak
I need Your love to free me

Oh Lord, my rock
My strength in weakness,
Come rescue me, oh Lord

You are my hope,
Your promise never fails me
And my desire
Is to follow You forever.

For You are good
For You are good
For You are good to me.