Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This week the public schools decided to hold mock elections so the children would know what it was like to be able to vote.

Today, they revealed the results in both schools that my kids go to.

I'm very happy that they are learning the American way of voting and the process and how all of this works and it even excites me that they are more interested in the election than cartoons.

However.....when they got in the car today I did not expect to hear what I heard.
The kids explained to me how others were calling kids "racist" for voting for McCain. And how kids started to insult each others families and parents based on their beliefs.

The conversation was long and actually brought Lukus to tears while he was explaining this to me.

On one hand, I'm happy. On the other, I'm so sad. They try to teach the kids about our nation's freedom to vote and what did they encounter....the way others abuse the freedom of speech.

I was proud of Lukus and how he handled the situation and how he remembered our talk from dinner last night. When someone came up to him and said "Who did you vote for?" Lukus replied "I voted for God" and the kid said "He wasn't on the ballot!" And Lukus replied: He's on EVERY ballot!!!

That's MY boy!!!


Linda L said...

Good for Lukus!!! That's the kind of comeback I like to hear! It's too bad that a child has to be exposed to that kind of junk. I'm glad he's learning from you how to deal with that and rise above it.

Lindsay said...

Good job, Lukus! Way to stand up for your faith!