Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm so silly.....

So today was my day to do my Christmas shopping. I'm all geared up. I'm ready to go out there and face the world head on....and I froze. I get to the store and I have no idea on earth what in the world to buy my kids.

"What if they don't like what I get"

"What if they complain"

"What if....what if....what if....oh my goodness I was playing the what if game!"

What was wrong with me! I was just litterly laughing at myself in the store as I'm going up and down the asiles. I mean seriously, how many Barbie's can a girl have? Or dress up clothes? :o) Or how many match box cars do my boys need? I get a bit tired of walking around at night stepping on diecast airplanes that leave imprinted holes in my feet! :o)

So I call for reinforcement on the phone...and can't get Chad. So call my neighbor who is watching all my kids. I start to feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when I say....
"I have all this money to spend and I just can't spend it"

The problem is...the store will take it, but I just can't put Power Rangers into my cart!
She's yelling at me to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! I felt like I was on one of those shopping spree shows! So I'm back off to the toy section only to find myself in dispair again!

So I finally get a hold of Chad and he is laughing at me uncontrollably and tells me to get the small stuff and he'll take care of the big stuff. See, I'm just not a shopper! I'm the leagalist in the family! He's the fun one! The big spender! I can have fun, but I'm practical! I buy the food, clothes, and shoes. He buys the fun stuff! I can't just go out on a big shopping spree. I get lost! I have to have a list of what fun stuff to buy! Now how fun is that?

You tell me I've won the lottery, give me a million dollars, and someone will have to give me a list on how to spend it. I'd be totally lost. ;o) But we sure would have a lot of fun laughing about it!

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