Saturday, December 17, 2005

An A, Lemonade, & King Kong.....

You ever have those days when you feel that just EVERYTHING for once if your life is going RIGHT? I mean come on. Okay, now not everything thing can be perfect....there's always that finance thing. But for me today, it had to be the absolute best days of all days. And here it is, 2:55 AM, YES IN THE MORNING and I am still grinning from ear to ear! If I were a drinker...I'd be living it up but I'm high on life!

Today life just handed me lemons and I made the lemonade! My day started off we a perfect morning with all the kids in a wonderful morning. I worked at the school all day so that the office staff could go and celebrate their holiday luncheon and take the afternoon off. They work so hard all of the time and you never hear them complain about it. And they are good at what they do so it is nice to be appreicaited like that in the middle of the work day with a little R&R. Doris and I held down the Fort with Mr. Wyble (The Principal) which was a hoot and we just had a blast!

Most of the afternoon I paced back and forth as I awaited my grade on the TCC website. I prayed so hard for God to give the the patience to not e-mail my professor and just wait for the grade. After long hours and hard work, my efforts with my study buddy Tim over the past week paid off and I earned an A in the course. I'm still trying to get over the initial shock at the moment. I probably won't sleep for days as I'm still reciting the essay in my head. Actually, recitinig multiple essays in my head! Yikes!

I was fortunate to spend a nice quiet evening by myself tonight listening to holiday music and making out christmas cards. Tongiht, some christmas carolers came by the neighbors house to sing to her as she is all alone. It was a treat to witness that. She was certainly overwhelmed with joy receive such a gift from her church youth.

After Chad came home, VERY LATE we went with Janet and Brett to see King Kong. It was actually an okay movie. I was surprised with it but I really liked it in the end. It was fun to be finally rewarded with some fun and a date night. It's been so long since we've had a chance to go out and be together and just have fun and laugh. That's really important this time of year for everyone. We had a great time so I guess now that it's after 3:00am I should try to get some sleep. Lucky for kids+a warm bed+NO SCHOOL=SLEEPING IN TOMORROW!!! YEA!!!!

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