Monday, October 31, 2005

What a month!

The month of October proved to be no fun at all. Much to my surprise, I just decided to get headaches all the time. But I'll tell you what, this is the fifth week and I'm doing much better. I've had a complete physical from my brain to my toes and know how heathly I really am. Not sure what brought all of this on to begin with but I sure am going to pay attention when my head starts talking! Or moreso...pounding.
I've truly learned something from this. God is the one in control. I know when I decided to give it all to him and surrender my pain, He is the ultimate healer. I'm not really good at asking others for help, prayers, etc. But yet, I continue to try to maintain control of the things in life that are just not up to me to take care of . God has said all along he will take care of me. So I guess somewhere there are other things that come up here. Patience, Selfishness, Control. Yikes! Those are hard words. God really works on me to shape me into always being a better person. Sometimes, I think he probably gets sick of working overtime to get my attention. Ha! I hope sometimes he's just chuckling to himself saying "That silly girl...she knew it all along." Guess there's a time he just has to point out the obvious to me. But I can say, he has made me aware of all the things I really enjoy and the things I take forgranted. A month down and really bring a person back to their feet.

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