Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The animated child

Today we had our winter party at school. At 1:30, they were dismissed to go to the gym to sing Christmas carols led by Mr. Wyble and Mr. Megli and it was so much fun.

At one point, Mr. Megli suggest that there was a song the Kindergarten class knew and could sing to the school. So they stood up, turned and faced the rest of the school and started to sing. Now, here is Emilie on the front row loving to sing very proudly and LOUD singing her heart out. Oh my goodness! They are singing the song "Must be Santa!" We are dying in laughter at her animations as she is totally serious and knows every word and is not missing a beat. I am totally convinced now that in January I will enroll this child in Theatre Arts.

I love it when a child shows passion for something and they truly pour their heart into it. Today, she displayed this in front of the school. I could have cried. You know....I think I did!

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heather said...

Eli sang the same song - and did the same thing - top row in the back on the side... after each heart felt song - he gave a very visible "thumbs up" or thumbs down" sign asking us to give our immediate feedback and opinions. It was hilarious. I loved that song though!