Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I made an A!!!

This is my first time trying out this new blog thing. As I love to be on the computer and love to journal, I thought this would be a great way to store my thoughts and share them as well. Yesterday we celebrated the forth with our family. We hung out by the pool and ate lots of food and some delicious brownies from Sarah. They were fantastic. Didn't help me in my quest for losing weight.
Daddy sent me to buy fireworks at the last minute and I think the young man at the stand lied to me. I asked for a package of fountains. I prefered nothing that would leave the groud. Well, can you guess what I got? Yep! Everyone of those silly things shot flaming balls. It sure was a good laugh though and the kids enjoyed the light show. We went to our usual spot at the costume shop to watch the show. Unfortunately, we've been spoiled the past two nights with better shows by the Drillers. For some reason, the 4th of July show is NEVER better than theirs. It's really odd. Maybe it's because we are so close at the Driller games. Either way, three nights of fireworks has been fun for us and we've had a great time each night.
Oh, and yesterday I found out I made an A in my Comp II class this summer. I'm so happy. I am actually thrilled the class is finished. 16 weeks crushed down into a 4 week fast track class and I'm wiped out. I almost don't know what to do right now. I keep trying to write papers or do homework but there's none left. Ha! My goal is to maintain my status on the honor roll.
I am enrolled for Chemistry and Political Science in the fall. In the mean time, I will play with the kids, go on vacation, and then it's back to the books for me.

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