Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Next President.......

So my conversation with Ian goes.....

(Ian) Mom, do you think I can be president?

Oh....I've been waiting for this conversation!!!!

(Me) Of course I do!

(Ian) Do you have have to make all A's? Did George Bush make all A's?

(Me) I'm not sure if he did but I'm sure he tried his hardest to make good grades.

(Ian) Can a girl be president?

(Me) Why do you want to know that?

(Ian) Cause a girl beat me in student council at school. And I know they let girls vote. Do you vote mom? Can you be president? Do you make good grades?

(Me) Yes, I vote. I do my best to make good grades. I study hard but I won't be trying to run for president. But if that is something you want to do when you get older, you should really try to do that. I would love to have a son that is president, or an astronaut, or singer, or a doctor, or a grocery store worker. I will love you no matter what you do when you grow up.

(Ian) Well, I'm not sure they should let girls vote.

(Me) And why not? (Now I'm very puzzled as this just took a wrong turn for me)

(Ian) I'm just not sure they know what they are doing.


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heather said...

Oh.... this is one of those conversations you need to pull out at the wedding rehersal dinner... that will be fun! ;-)