Thursday, December 29, 2005

So they call it Puppy Love.....

Well, there is a great and beautiful story behind this picture. This is Ian's friend Rebecca. She is just the sweetest girl. A few months ago, Rebecca had to have 2 have pins put in her elbow. Ian was just so worried about her. We said several prayers many nights that she would be okay.
A few days before the surgery, Ian came home with the information of when and where Rebecca would be having the surgery. Well, this really was just an outpatient surgery. Ian said he wanted to go & visit her in the hospital, but I knew she would not be in there overnight. So I would have to pull him out of school. What should I do? So I did! Here comes Monday morning, bright and early! I take the kids to school and keep Ian out.

He says "Mom, we need to take her something to make her feel better."

I thought like a toy or game or something.

He says "No, Roses!"

So we run to Albertsons and I try to help him pick out some beautiful arranged flowers and he insist on the peach roses wrapped up in the plastic sitting in the water for about 1/2 the price. I must say...he saved me some money and they were beautiful!

So we get to the hospital and they have a strict rule about children coming back to the recovery area. But they lady at the counter was really nice and called back and asked if this nice young gentleman could come back for just a moment to drop off a gift.

Now it's a long walk to get to Rebecca. We have to pass many nurses stations along the way to get there and they are all oogling over this blonde hair blue eye boy 10 year old boy brining roses to this girl.
It was just the cutest thing to see them and Rebecca let Ian be the first to sign her new cast. Awwweee! Puppy love! It's starting too young!

Ian bought Rebecca a necklace for Chirstmas. A heart shaped pendant and he got a HUGE hug in return right there in the classroom. He certainly blushed!

Today I'm taking them out to see their frist movie! He's so excited! He can't wait!

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Theresa said...

wow! she's a looker too! go Ian! :o)