Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm a pretty smart person......BUT.....

Technology today overwhelms me at times. As I sit here and look at this computer and look at the times on these post, they always conflict with the actual time. I can't ever figure out how to get it on the right time.

I just can't seem to ever get my clocks right in my life. It truly makes me laugh out loud!

You've got this little clock over here in the right hand corner of your screen. See, I know you are looking at it now. Then you will have the one that will tell you what time this blog was posted. Both of those will be different. Then the one one my arm says something totally different. Then my cell phone and everywhere else.

Then you have the one hanging on the wall that is a hour earlier because I never changed it from the daylight savings time so I just leave it. But if you go into the kitchen, the one right by the back door, it has completely stopped. The battery died. Well, I can't find any batteries in the house because they all go in every remote control we own for a kids toy. Ha!

So you look at the microwave, but everytime the wind blows, the power goes out because a tree limb his the powerlines so it is useless to reset that one so who knows what time it says.

So the best way to tell time is to look the sun! Yep! According to my son Ian! Look outside and depeding on were the sun is in the sky then you know. IF IT'S DARK...YOU JUST BETTER BE IN BED!

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Theresa said...

*blink* different look! I like!