Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm under stess and I can't get up!

Oh my goodness! What can I say! This has just been crazy!

Where so I start?

Friday? The pitbull! The Police! They consume 5 hours of my day!
I get home to hear my dog screaming at the top of her lungs as she's trying to get away from the vengence of the wrath of a 150lbs of a vicious pit bull that had jumped our fence. What was I thinking when I decided to put my life in between the two and rescue my my 75lb Lab???? HELLO??? Call me stupid but I'm not even a dog lover! And speaking of lover....this pit didn't want to love on my dog, it wanted to EAT my dog! So I'm on the phone with 911, got the phone in 1 hand my dog on the other, 3 kids hanging one by a thread and one bull that is trying to eat its way though my back door while the owner now who doesn't speak a lick of english wants in my front door all while trying to get a grip on realiy. Does anyone have any calgon???

For some unknown reason, my call goes out to the police as DOMESTIC VIOLECE! I wonder why! They come a blazin! Meanwhile, I'm tellin the man the best I can "Nope...YA AIN'T GETTIN YOUR DOG" But he jumps my fence like spider man and gets the dog. Police show up, still give him a ticket and it's over. SO I THOUGHT. Give it 30 minutes.....THE DO IS BACK AT MY BACK DOOR!

I KNOW NOW I'M LIVING IN SOMETHING FROM THE MOVIE HALLOWEEN!!! IT WON'T GO AWAY! This is terrible! Michael Myers, Freddie, Carrie....Whatever scary's back! And it's foaming at the mouth! I'm back calling 911 again! Can you believe I'm home alone during all this just with my 3 kids. They're going to make a movie about me one day!

So the police come back! They can't believe they are back! They are laughing at this point! And yes! At me! They get out of the car. The first words...."Are you serious...the dog is back?" "Can we shoot it?" They asked me? Funny they asked my permission?! Only if I had a gun huh? They problem would have been solved now.

So they neighbor now has two...count to pay and I finally put my dog back outside and I'm resting peacfully. But I'm afraid for my kids. This is really a scary dog. Really, I don't think its a dog. I think haunted from some other plant or something.

But the next morning the story gets worse!

Back right into Chad's car! How stupid can your own wife be! What was I doing? What was I thinking about? Something obviously way more important than backing out of the driveway. Didn't hurt his car a bit but put a nice big dent and HOLE in my bumper! I'm so crushed!

Then to top it off! I'm walking out of Albertsons yesterday and my purse strap breaks!

Face it! I'm just falling apart! I just can't get it right this week!

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Theresa said...

Deep breaths.

You're not falling apart. You're just going through some... craziness. :o)

I'm praying for you. Love ya!!!