Thursday, December 15, 2005

The end of a chapter

Today I ended another semester. And believe me, I took the final of ALL FINALS! My political science class was the most difficult and challenging I have ever taken! But I love a challenge! For myself I wish I could have proved a better performance but cracked under pressure. I haven't found out the grade yet, but at this point, I know I did my best at that point. I can truly say I enjoyed the class though. Very animated professor. I truly never had an interest in this subject before now and will always be interested and will probably tune into CSPAN daily and think of him.
My history class was not as enjoyable. I think this time it was the professor that did not make it enjoyable. He didn't seem interested so I wasn't really interested. Next semester I start my sciences with Chemistry and Biology and I'm sure I'll throw something else into that mix.

Next semester I move to the Southeast campus and that will be a new venture for me. I've enjoyed my past year at the North campus and have found it to be home for me. Eventually I'll have to make Metro my home with my Nursing major but for now I go where the classes suit my needs.

Today was fun after class I got to just relax for once. I volunteered and the kids school and we walked to our adopt-a-school sponsor "Direct TV" with the student council and sang christmas carols. We also went to the neighborhood nursing home and sang to them and visited with the elderly and had a good time too. We just had a blast. It was so much fun. I just love when you can really give back to your community and they just appreciate you for it. They loved us being there and we loved going. This was just a really great day.
Even with the hard test and all. It just ended well!

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