Monday, December 05, 2005

God's reading my BLOG!!!

Today was really interesting. I like to go to school early so I can have my quiet time to study. That is about the only place that I can get away from things here. I swear I have ADD! Either that or it is just the every day stuff that gets in my way. I will stop studying to get the laundry done, or the dishes, or dusting, or bathrooms, etc. So I have to leave to pass my classes.

So anyway, yesterday I was saying that He was really testing my patience right? Well, I show up for History today. My least favorite class. This professor does not believe in starting late nor letting out early. In fact, if you have to get up to go to the bathroom, you get counted absent for the entire day. It's pretty harsh if you ask me. But today he gave an assignment and about thirty minutes for completion. He made the comment that in the mean time, we may leave the room or do whatever if we finish early just be back by 11:30. I'm thinking...."am I hearing this right? We can actually go pee? Get a coke? Pretzels? Something?" Wow! So I took advantage of the moment with a few to spare. We come back and cover the material that will be on the final next week with 30 mintues left in the class period. Have my eyes decieve me???? Can this be correct? We still have 30 minutes left! I don't know what to say! So you know at this point where I have to go....It's Monday. I have a Dr. appointment which I've been late for before. On numerous occasions! So I thought today I would take this opportunity and show up early.

So I get in the car and I call Chad and begin to tell him this good news when it just hits me like a ton of bricks. I just start crying and now he can't figure out waht's wrong with me!

"But I didn't pray for this...." I told him! "I just wrote it in my blog!!!"

Not like God won't listen to me even when I'm not directly talking straight to Him right? It was odd to feel this overwhelming feeling of happiness. You know those times when you are in one of those church classes and you have that question that almost always comes up "When is the last time you are just certain you had a prayer answered?" Hum...I think I can recall Jody Jones asking that about two weeks ago and I felt bad for not having an answer. I felt like I wasn't really paying attention to God's answers. But weather or not I like it, He's always answered me, just maybe not in the way I wanted it or maybe He didn't communicate it so loudly as He did today. Today I had the best drive to the office. It was calm, peaceful, and realxing, and even a bit emotional as I was just overwhelmed with joy as it was just one of those God moments for me! So God....Just keep on reading and I'll keeping on writing!


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