Saturday, December 31, 2005

And it was my turn to be pampered....

Last night was the typical Friday night. Ian went to Grandma's to spend the night, Emilie went to stay with Sherry and Jamie and Lukus wanted to stay home with mom.

Sitting at home gets kind of old after a while, but he doesn't complain. He just likes to be with me. Or he doesn't like to see me stay home alone so much. Afterall, he knows I don't mind.

So I thought I would surprise him and take him out for dinner.

"Lukus, where would you like to eat tonight? We can go anywhere you want?"

"Well, we can just go to McDonald's. That's okay."

"No No No...I mean anywhere. It doesn't have to be fastfood. It's just you and me tonight."

"Okay, Taco Bueno"

"NO NO NO....You're missing what I'm saying...Let's go on a mom and son date!"

So we drive around a while and I told him that the first place he wants me to stop, that's where we will go. So he picks Johnnie Carino's.

We have a pretty long wait, but he's very patient. We put HIS name on the list so they will call it out. He thought that was really cool. When we went to be seated, he asked me if I would sit next to him in the booth and not across from him. I'm sure that was for the comfort factor.

He was very polite and we spent the evening working on table manners and how to speak to server properly and when it came time at the end of the evening, I even gave him the credit card and had him pay for the meal. He thought that was the coolest thing. He was truly the big shot of the evening.

He was so polite in asking for everything in complete sentences (with a little prompting) and even excused himself to go to the restroom. But then asked me what happens if I get kidnapped? Ha! I had to go with him!

We finished the evening off sharing a huge dessert together that he picked for the both of us and the evening was truly the best. I look forward to many more dates with my son. He was a true gentleman!


heather said...

I LOVE THIS !!! I love it when you give me ideas of what I want to do with my own kids! Can't wait!

Carrie said...

I just now read this I skipped over it...I do not know! that is a neat idea and one I will love sharing with my boys....THANKS>>