Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just waiting......on God.

Today we had to start re-painting the house again. That hasn't been fun.

We've re-arranged the furniature according to a staging decorator. Never did I think of doing what they told us to do, but it works and I actually love it.

While painting, Chad and I were talking about ways to draw attention to the house.
* Put signs out on 21st Street. (not sure why this hasn't been done already)
* Do something in the front yard to gain more attention to the house.
* Place the flyers in stores in this area.
* Place an add somewhere other than where the realtor has.

But that got me thinking? WHAT IF we are truly supposed to just be waiting on God. Does that mean we are not supposed to do all we can and then leave the rest up to God?

Are our thoughts appearing that we don't want to wait any longer and that we are trying to take matters into our own hands?

So many little answers.


Linda L said...

Boy, that is a difficult question to answer. I struggle with that a lot because I tend to be an impatient person when I've made a decision about something. Thank-fully, Rick tends to be more patient and keeps me in check (most of the time). Here is how I try to sort this out: I believe that if God wants it to happen, it will happen; maybe not in the time frame I want but it will happen. I have to remember that He has said He will provide what I need, not what I want and sometimes the two are the same but oftentimes they are different and it's not until after the fact that I see His purpose. I also feel that He doesn't expect me to do nothing, He just doesn't want me to force the circumstances the way I want things to go. How much is too much? My experience is if I'm fretting and not feeling a peace about what I'm trying to do, I'm probably forcing the situation and not letting God control the outcome. And I pray and pray and pray that I will hear His voice and feel His guidance and wisdom in whatever it is I'm trying to accomplish. Hope this helps!

Brenda said...

Thanks Linda. It's so hard. I feel like I am so patient, but yet, I could be doing more to try to speed along the process. I think God gives us the tools here to do all we can and when we can't do anymore, He looks for us to follow His lead. I think that is what I am doing....I think. ;o)
I have no anxiety. I am not sad. I am not uneasy about it. I am calm.
I just want to hear Him and do what is right by Him.

All I can really do is follow what I feel the spirit is leading me to do, and leave the rest up to Him.

Love you!