Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Second Chances...

I thought to myself recently that this year will be one that I want to wipe from my memory. So many struggles, so much heartache....it would be easier to just not remember.
But then I thought, NO! This is the year I want to remember what didn't break me, made me stronger. What satan tried to destory in me, strengthened my faith in the Father.
It hasn't been the most difficult time in my life, but has been challanging.
But God gives us challanges, corrections, and praises all at the same time.
I want to know that my Father is rejoicing with me when I know I am doing right. And He gives me that everyday! He makes me stronger here, helps me fight the battles against satan, and guides me in being the best Christan I can be.

I beleive I have failed tremedously this year, and I'm happy to know that I have a God of second chances, and third, and forth, etc. I want to be THAT Christian who gives the same second chances to others who hurt me. I think I am able to do that. I think He has given me the tools to do just that. I hope that those I have hurt can extend the same grace to me and see that we all fall down at some point, but the goal is to get up and keep going.

I see a relationship in my life healing right now. Although it's still difficult, and I am forgiving years and years and years of hurt and pain, it's nice to see that He is eqipping me to do this in all my relationships.

There is nothing....NOTHING....that is so shattering in life that I cannot forgive and move past. If I can forgive someone for abusing me as a child, I can ceratinly forgive words that hurt me. Do I have to put up a wall? Not at all. I still have to, and continue to love them and accept them for who they are. All their faults and all. I can only hope that others can see that in me and at some point, will extend the same grace and love that I am extending to them.

How about giving someone a second chance today. What a great way to end the year. Start fresh, start over, and start new.

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