Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Comes with the territory....

This has been the most unusual week of Christmas for me ever.

I have not worked.
I've been sick.
I don't have to study.
I am caught up on everything.
The house is clean.
The food is prepped.
The cards are out.
The calls are made.
We've looked at lights.
We've wrapped the gifts.

Normally....I am cramming this all into Christmas Eve. But not this year. I was prepared. I have been working on a less stress life...and well....I got it. ;o)
I have none!

But....with Christmas...comes work for Chad. And that leaves me lonely this year. He has worked an insane amount of hours. Now....I just miss him.

Looking forward to Christmas Eve being over so I can spend 24hours with the man I love. Can't ask for a better gift than that this year!

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Terry Rush said...

You bless me everyday, my friend!