Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sleep and Dreams!

I was blessed by my wonderful husband to be able to sleep in until 9:00am this morning. And man...this was the best night rest I have had in a long time. He had gone to bed before me as I just couldn't put the books down. I didn't wake up all night. YAY! I think I was just purely exhausted from all the studying I did yesterday and finally just had to pass out. But alas....more studying today.

For a long time, I have not dreamed anything that I can remember at night other than stuff about school. Until last night. I had the most weird dream....

I dreamed I was driving our VAN to a Michael W Smith concert. I had my friend Casey with me and we were meeting Jennifer there. I had both of their tickets.
We are going across the Arkansas river bridge when I heard a noise. I said "Wonder what that noise was" and I just kept driving. By the time we reached the end of the bridge, the van would go no more, so we pulled it over to the side.

I have concluded to myself (in all my mechanical expertise) that it was the fuel pump, or the alternator. But I was leaning more towards the fuel pump. Don't know why...just was.

So I call Jennifer and let her know what has happened and that we will be late.
I call Chad and he comes to aid in our rescue.
We get in the car so he can take us there and I realize that I have left the tickets in the van.
We turn around to get them and at this point, I am just laughing at myself. Who else could this happen to?
I get the tickets and we are off! The concert had began about 5 minutes before we arrived and we have missed very little.
We get to the door and the ticket taker man says "2 of these are for MWS and one is for the Sandy Patti concert next week"
What?? How can that be?? I bought all of them at the same time!
So, I give the MWS tickets to the girls and I leave with Chad.
so then I have this 1 lonely ticket to see someone else next week by myself, and have no idea how it happened.

We go to get the Van that night, and it appears it has now fallen into the Arkansas River and we have a team of people looking for it.

They find it, and can you believe, there are FISH falling out of the Van doors and windows with all the water rushing out as well.

Needless to say, I'm glad I had a great night sleep, but man....that was the weirdest dream ever! ;o)

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Tammy said...

What a nightmare! Fish in your van! Hope there are none left under your seat....