Sunday, December 07, 2008

Whew! What a day!

Today has been one busy day! I have been saying to people for weeks "I can't fit one more thing on my calendar for December 7th!" and was I ever right. Someone laughed this morning at church when I said that so they said...."I'll give you a million dollars" and said "Tempting....but NO"

The things I had on my agenda today were far more important, and much more rewarding, than what a million dollars could have bought me.

Today during church we were in full swing with the rehearsal for the Children's Christmas program. Linda is doing such a fantastic job with the kids. I couldn't be more excited for them to get to show off what they have learned over the past few weeks.

We came home in time just to change and go right back out the door to see the
Owasso Community Choir Concert. I couldn't be more proud of our Memorial Drive's Wes Miles and Shane and Alice Coffman for their extraordianry talent with their voices today. If there were any hiccups in the program, we certainly couldn't tell. This group of vocalist showed they are certainly very seasoned in both vocals and stage presence. The entire thing was so much fun. If I had to pick a favorite selection through the entire program, it would be Variationis of Jingle Bells. We laughed and were in awe at the same time as they took off with the song and took it to another level of fun. This certainly was worth me giving up every bit of studying this afternoon to go and have a great time and listen to some beautiful singing.
My hats off to you Shane, Alice and Wes! Way to go!

I had a very nice lunch with Vicki Taylor after the concert. Seems we have spent a lot of the past 48 hours together! And that is okay. What a neat woman she is!! I love her heart and how she is striving to be the person that God has created her to be.

We rushed by my house to pick up Emilie and we were off to 29th & Yale Church of Christ for a great service and then coca coca and carols.

We listened to other groups and sang 5 songs ourselves. Even included 4 of our children in one of them as well as Jason Thornton, Linda Lathrop, Wes Miles, Heather Lonergan, and Shane again. The evening was such a blast and I am just so thankful to be included with such a great group of people. How do you find a word to wrap up a day like today and just tie it with a beautiful bow......I would call it "Happiness".

Here are our children from tonight


Linda L said...

That's a great looking picture! I always enjoy our big event that we practice all those hours for, but I think I enjoy the practices almost more than the actual event! I love that we get together and work and have fun at the same time. These are the memories that I will remember and look back on fondly even more than the actual event. I thought everyone did a great job especially the kids and Jason, Heather and Shane. I'll try and remember to take my glasses off so I can read the words a little better next time!

Brenda said...

Linda, you did a great job as well filling in at the last moment. The pressure of that isn't always easy but you did it with grace. I didn't know you sang the wrong words. I flubbed up as well, just hope it wasn't too obvious! We had a good laugh though.
I do like the rehearsals as well. We have so much fun with no pressure. The kids did a great job. They came so far from learning that in the beginning. I had to get the other version OUT of their heads. But they are QUICK lerners! I love that about them.

Shane Coffman said...

What a great group of kiddos! I'm proud of them, and of their teacher ; )

And I think that was as good as I've heard our group sing in quite a while. Great night all around.