Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Days!

It's always unusual having "Snow Days" and we don't even have snow. We should call them what they are. "Down Right COLD days"

These days are always fun for kids. I remember being a kid and being disappointed when the snow came during winter break and we didn't get any extra time off. That has not been the case the past couple of years. And this year seems to be following the same pattern. Tomorrow will be day #2.

It doesn't stop adults though. I still have my usual Monday errands and appointments to tend to which all went well. Just being in the car was really cold.

I was able to get the house decorated for Christmas. I'm a little sad that we don't have lights up outside this year, but this has been one hectic year and I just got the tree up today! Since I am not climbing on the ladder to the second level of the house, I think we are just going to be happy the the tree and some stockings up this year. I love that you can see the tree from the front room at night. It really brings some life through those windows.

The kids day consited of Halo 3 and Nerf Guns! Thanks to all the lovely friends who bought Lukus the many nerf guns and darts for his birthday! I just can't THANK YOU enough!!! LOL!!! They are having fun with them!

Fortunately, I only had to get out of the house 3 times today. Hopefully only twice tomorrow until this bitter cold passes.

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