Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Random Tuesday

Do you ever get in the car and your car alarm goes off? Um...I have the key!
Oh wait....finally figured out, I must have hit the panic button. LOL!

Studying like a crazy woman is paying off. I can not figure out for the life of me how I am going to make it through next week, but where there is a God...there is a way. A final every single day! But I can't WAIT for Thursday!

The question of the month is "How's the house?" The answer is: "It's still here"

Dr's appointment today showed a 3 pound weight loss. Not too bad. I call that success. Back to Laureate tomorrow.

I have found great value in my personal homework this week. The feedback from my dearest friend's has been extremely encouraging. I didn't like the assignment at first, but it gets easier by the day. I have one more to complete today. Looking forward to tomorrow's appointment.


Linda L said...

I will be thinking about you today as you go to your appointment. I've been catching up on your "homework" postings. You have some really great things to say. I didn't know just how talented you are!
I can tell you really love your kids and your husband and that you try to be "real" with others. I especially liked your comment about the way you are overcoming the hurt you sometimes have felt about other peoples' comments. You're so right about US having the power over how we feel when hurtful comments are tossed our way. I still struggle with that sometimes and have to tell myself that I am the one who decides how I will react/feel.
I also agree with your statement about things said in joking. I personally feel that people who make fun of others and then say they were joking are expressing their true feelings and are trying to excuse it. I experienced this years ago at a former job. It was humiliating and very hurtful. I did stand up to that person later and tell them that what they said was not "ok" just because they said "sorry, I was just joking".
Sorry for the lengthy comment. Keep up the postings!

Brenda said...

Love the lengthy comment! ;o)
Thank you so much for you encouragement. You always know just the right things to say at the right time and I love you for that.
You expressed exactly how I feel about the "joking" and then trying to excuse it. It is hurtful. And by being a person that just rolls with it and accepts it like I always have, allows others to feel they can treat me this way when really, it is not okay. It's not okay to treat anyone this way. Over the past week I learned some very valuable lessons in they way of communication and it changes how I give and receive communication with others. Joking is fun but personal attacks are not....even when meant as a joke. Especailly in front of others.
We can forgive others, but it doesn't make their behavior okay. What I've seen is those people just moving on and doing it to someone else. I don't want to be that person. I want to be the one that is choosing to change behavior and still have fun.
Can someone go from being a hard hearted Hannah to a soft sensitive Sally? I think so!

Words can help, they can heal, and they can hurt. I think we really have to choose our words carefully and think before we speak.

Sometimes the outcome of our words are more hurtful than the thought intended. That can really bruise relationships and sometimes even put an end to friendships.

Fortunately, a bruise is temporary and will eventually fade. But if you keep hitting the same spot over and over, you'll eventually leave a scar that won't go away.
The D in me has always been a bruiser. Thank goodness we have the ability to change and adapt who we are.

Lindsay said...

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds..." James 1:2

Trials of MANY kinds: from hitting panic buttons to eating disorders to houses not selling to doctor's appointments to finals. He will see you through it all! Keep trusting in Him!

You are so much fun, my friend! I love being around you!