Thursday, July 08, 2010


Camp Victory is off to a great start.

Yesterday we spent all day preparing for the camp, practicing drills, skits, songs, and setting up. Last night we had the honor of worshipping with the Mt. Carmel family. Bobby had some very inspiring thoughts to share to help us prepare for this week. The church body here is so encouraging and welcoming. I feel like I have known them forever already.

This moring we started very early with last minute prep work. Registration was to begin at 8:30 and our first family showed up at 8:10, and then they kept coming!!! Today we registered 32 kids from the community. Only 3 of those are actually from the Mt. Carmel church. They are having so much fun and I anticipate they will invite their friends tomorrow. You can tell by the look in their eye that they haven't had this experience before and you can tell by their smiles they are loving it.

I'm so proud of our group of teens and adults. They have worked so hard without any complaining.

Today we will go to "Hogg Heaven" for lunch. this restaurant has graciously agreed to feed our entire group today. This community is so loving and welcoming. They really show us that they are happy for us to be here.

As for the first aid count, I've given out 3 band aids, lots of ibuprofen, and a lot of reassurance that some will be just fine! :o) I've promised them I won't let them die of heat stroke! ;o)

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