Thursday, July 08, 2010

Day 1 cont

After Sports camp today we were treated to a wonder lunch at "Hogg Heaven". It was a great time of fellowship with each other....and great food too.

We came back to break up into groups for service projects. One group was sorting clothes that will be donated, another group painted the nursery at the church and the rest of us went to the community pool to scrape doors and prepare them for painting! Boy! Did they ever need it!!!!

Today, at the end of camp, it poured down rain and it was welcomed very much! We were so thankful for the showers to cool everything off.
The softball game was cancelled for tonight due to the all day rain so we get some extra time to rest and relax this afternoon. Were not sure what God has in store for us tonight, but I can say for certain that a shower and nap is in the plan.:)

So excited to see all the great work is doing in the lives here at Mt. Carmel as well as the work He is doing is all of us on this trip. We've had some amazing God moments and its all because of the wonderful work He is doing through us.

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