Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 3

Today seemed like the long day to me, but yet, another fun one.
I have become Chads right hand woman in the kitchen. Seems appropriate since I don't have a small group to lead this week. Being the nurse, I get ALL of them when they are sick! We are making a great team.

Today was filled with the same rotation of activities and classes. I sat in on Brians class today which talked about how each of us are unique but we strive for perfection. Even when we can achieve it in our eyes, we are perfect the way that God made us.
Tonight we had the drama portion of the camp talent show. Tomorrow will be the music portion. All I can say is I am totally impressed with the creativity that these kids can come up with. I laughed so hard. UNTIL.....the last skit involved a dead fish that was caught earlier in the day. The skit ended when they came toward me with the fish and I took off running down the hill and Nick and the fish chasing me. Oh my goodness. I have never ran so fast in my life!!! And he finally caught up with me and touched me with it! Ewwwwww!!!!!!!! He's lucky I like him or he'd be getting a payback tomorrow.

Our devotional tonight was long and filled with such strong emotions. Seems like the middle of the week is when that always happens. But to hear the hearts of these teens is so inspiring. I have to say, the devotionals are probably my most favorite part of camp.

We had another baptism today. This one from our youth group. Its always so refreshing to watch someone give their life to Christ.

Until tomorrow......

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