Friday, July 09, 2010


Okay, I know I'm an adult, but I know these kids are wiped out too! But its all for the sake of doing what we came here to do and that's serve this community through the love that God has lavished on us.

Sports camp today was amazing once again! Can't believe how well its going.
This afternoon we split into our groups for a day of fun.
jason and I drove a couple of loaded vans to Indiana (about an hour away) to a beautiful water park. It was so fun and the water was just perfect for relaxing.
Now....something they should never let me do is take the lead while driving. I will fully admit that I have NO navagational skills whatsoever! However, on this trip, they have had me drive A LOT which finally led to us getting VERY lost over in Indiana. (I did have someone else reading a map though)
We finally figured it out and I quickly made a u turn! Needless to say, today consisted of lots of unnecessary sight seeing. I was so proud of the teens for making it into such a positive situation as I was really frustrated with myself. But we got home safe and in time for the bonfire and mosquito roast! Yep! They are that bad out here. But smores were good too. to bed. Tomorrow starts early:o)

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