Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Day

Today is our last day of Sports Camp. We had 24 show up ready to play and have fun!
They are really on fire today!
The kids got a special treat today. The fire department showed up to spray the kids with the fire hose! It was such a treat!!!

This afternoon we will finish our service project at the local pool and helping with things around the church building. Later this evening we have a community cook out in the church parking lot and then a moonlight movie.

I have been very excited about all the work that we have done and the impact this is having on the kids and community here. They are so loving and welcoming.

As for first aid we are up to 22 bandaids, 8 drops of visine, 4 squirts of nose spray, 18 ibuprofen, 1 ace bandage to wrap a knee, lots and lots and lots of anti itch cream, one ankle wrap, 6 bags of ice, and again lots of TLC and reassurance!

Its gonna be a great day!!!

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Terry Rush said...

I know blessed the week mightily!!!

Love you and proud of you!