Sunday, July 25, 2010

Camp....we have arrived!

We made it to camp today about 4:00. Have to admit, I knew I'd miss my Sunday nap so I slept on the way here:)

It took a while to get everyone unloaded and settled but everything went smoothly!

Dinner tonight was the typical first night "sandwhich" dinner. Not complaining as their food is always good here and I know I'll gain 10 pounds by the end of the week.

There are 3 churches here and everyone is split up into teams by the color of their bandana. Sadly, I didn't get a team as the nurse has to be on all teams. I can just fwel the love already! :)
We had some great group games tonight where each team had to come up with a skit to represent their team. They were really cute too. We have some creative thinkers in the bunch!

Canteen was good and I of course couldn't pass it up without my usual camp favorite.....rootbeer float!

Trent led our devotional time tonight and it was awesome. We watched a clip from the green mile where the jaoiler is taking the prisoner in while shouting "dead man walking". He reminded everyone that we don't have to be a dead man walking....because we have Christ in us. Forgiving us for those sins we continue to commit over and over.
I thought it was very interesting that his topic tonight really bled together with my sunday mornimg bible class and reading from Phillipians and Romans.

I pray that the message everyone hears this week is clearly a message from God.

As for the first aid on the first day?
6 Bandaids
1/4 of a tube of anti itch cream
1 ice bag
And already almost 1 trip to find a doctor....but I worked it out....and the child is fine:)

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