Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 1

Wow! We had an awesome day today! But why does the temperature always seem hotter when you are at camp? YIKES!!!

The day was filled with things like pool relay games, hockey on the ever so nice NEW basketball court, inside games, and human bowling!!! that is where you put people inside huge tire inner tubes and roll them to hit cardboard boxes. Um.....I laughed very hard!!!!! It looked fun, but I'm not trying it!

The praise and worship tonight was amazing. Its always good...but there was an extra element of goodness tonight that I loved about it. One thing I love about these groups is that they love to sing. No matter where I go, someone is always singing....and if they aren't, you can see the song in their heart and step.

Classes went well today and Nick taught a great devotional tonight on gentleness and he spoke of how gentle Jesus was with the woman in John 8:10 and how he showed an incredible amount of gentleness and mercy.

I think I can think of a, make that many, times in my life where I want Jesus to look at me and be that gentle with me.

Tonight....that is my prayer.

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