Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I love brownie Wednesday's. This is where my kids help me make brownies, and then we give them to an unsuspecting someone. They Love it.

We take the school year off but hit it full swing in the summers. (this will begin next week)

However, Emilie's class was asked to bring cookies and help serve at an event we will have after church tonight. She didn't know she was supposed to do this.

So we started baking.....but first we had to enduldge ourselves in some of the cookie dough.

But what I loved is they didn't assume these were for them. The first question they said was:
"Who are we going to give these cookies to?"

That put such a smile on my well as on theirs.

So my reply was:
"They are for church tonight.....but you get the first ones fresh out of the oven"

Their eyes lit up with excitement.

I love moments like this.


Lindsay said...

Aww, that is so cool!! Don't you love seeing your kids with such giving hearts? The other day my mom found two Coke bottles in a plastic bag hidden in the plants in the flower bed in our front yard. No one knew where they had come from, but everyone assumed they were for me, since I collect Coke bottles. The next Sunday, Ian came up and asked me if I'd found the Coke bottles he left for me. That was so sweet of him to think of me! You've raised such giving kids--I love it!

Brenda said...

ha! thanks girl! That is really one of the things that I love about them. They have such giving hearts.

He was so excited to do that for you. He rode down to your house and did that all on his own. :o)