Monday, January 23, 2006

What's Bright Yellow And on for 2 weeks.....

You guessed it! One big cast! Lukus decided to go ahead and break the growth plate in his ankle. Ugh! He had already sprained his ankle last week and was supposed to be resting it. Late Saturday night, he was running through the house (from Ian of course) just playing around and when he slipped, he landed right on his foot.
The funny thing about Lukus is that he really doesn't feel that much pain. He didn't even tell me. Ian had to come and find me to tell me that he couldn't walk. When I went to Lukus, he was just sitting there playing his playstation. Hum....but when I looked at it, his ankle was the size of a baseball! Ouch! So we packed up for the night and headed to the ER. That is such an interesting place when you are there for 6 hours and that is through the middle of the night. We actually made some friends. Especially when nobody (staff) spoke to us until 2am and then we were seen around 3am and then finally got home around 4:30am.

It's been such a long weekend with a trip to the ER and Dr. visit's but I'm just thankful it wasn't worse. He's so excited for everyone to start signing his cast now and pretty much thinks he's hot stuff!

But bless his heart, I know under all that, he's really trying to be brave and not show how much it hurts. But for now, we'll just cuddle on the couch!

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