Tuesday, January 10, 2006

2nd day and counting!!!!

Well, I was off to day number two of my new semester! What a day! It was interesting enough as it started with Biology lab instead of lecture. Sure enough they would introduce the one thing that is one of my ultimate weakness' "The Metric System". Are you kidding? On the first day!

Guess I should dive right in. It was fun but difficult. The instructor was a hoot to work with and really seemed helpful. Although, he made it sound SOOOO simple. (as I STILL didn't get it when I walked out of the class room) But have the opportunity to show up an hour early for class on Thursday for a little extra help. I'm thinking whoever invented this system was a little out of their mind to begin with! Can't say it wasn't fun, but very challenging! And what do I always say...."I love a challenge!"

I went to my lecture portion of biology and it was great too. I struggled in listening to the parts about evolution as I'm not very open minded about that as I do believe I know WHO created the earth and where it came from. I don't need science to tell me that. Too bad Chapter 1 is completely over Evolution! But he doesn't focus a great deal on that so I think we're off to a great start! Whew! I was a bit worried when I saw my text book and all 56 chapters of it and was relieved to see we will only cover the first 20! YAY!!!! Isn't college great! I'm saying that now....Remind me of that 1/2 way of the semester if I come crying on your shoulder!

I'm just totally pleased with both of my instructors this semester. They seem to be very outgoing with the students and seem to want the best for them. I love instructors that want to see you succeed. That's what they are their for. Every now and then, you will find one that is there for their own personal gain and that is the one I don't want to come across! I like to empower other so I guess that's the kind of people I like to meet as well. It just goes both ways!

This will be a great 16 weeks! Oh...And by the way...The parking situation today....Much better!

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