Saturday, January 14, 2006

What could be better than Disneyland?

This is just one of those rare circumstances that you just don't see around my house very often. Almost wanted to make me break out into Kum ba yah! I will say I now have a new background on my desktop! The kids are talking to 2 ducks in the water and having a fabulous conversation and apologizing that they have brought no food to their table. I was in the background observing and it was quite funny! Today we spent the afternoon at the park. The kids say we never do ENOUGH stuff. Well, I never get enough KID time because I have to study and they never get enough mommy time. Then they never get enough Daddy time because he has to work. So this morning I took them to the park. They got to play,and I took my books to study and we captured it all on digital whatever! It was a great time and everyone got what they wanted in the end. I love it when everybody wins! Everybody feels good! And nobody is complaining when we get home! From the mouths of my babes....."Mom....This is the best weekend EVER!!! Better than Disneyland!"

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