Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oil of Olay!

Today was a fun day! I got mistaken for one of those young folks! Well, you know what I mean...the younger ones in college! I was sitting next to this guy in class today and we're shooting the breeze waiting for class to start and he's talking about High School. I'm chuckling to myself as I begin to realize.....'he think's I haven't been out that long' I play along. UNTIL I GET CAUGHT!

So then I had to fess up. He said...."When did you graduate" Quickly....I'm trying to find myself not wanting to give that answer just quite yet...I'm thinking in my youthful mind but yet much older body, which has already popped out 3 kids and I'm feeling aged I must answer the question, I say, "15 years ago" Ugh...well I could have just said the year! That would have sounded MUCH better than the number 15!

But then I loved his response! NUH HUH!!!

Couldn't have been better.

But then here comes the follow up question.....from a guy!


Lord help me now! Or should I say help this poor soul! So williningly, I tell him! 21! Ha!
No seriously...I told him 32! And he didn't believe that! Made me feel pretty good about myself. Guess whatever I'm doing...or should I say...NOT DOING...I'll keep doing.

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Theresa said...

Better than my Oil of Old Age.

Even Marcy thought I was older than I am when she met me.