Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My List of things....

As I read over my friends blogs, they all wrote about the new years and their resolutions of things they would like to do for 2006. It occured to me that I really struggled in this area. I don't like to make resolutions because then what happens if I don't complete them...then I feel like a failure.
I remember completing a list of things once "The top 10 things I have started in not finished" Well...now, there's a list! Ugh! I could name more than 10 in just one day!

I guess I could write some things I want to do and if I don't accomplish them, then that's okay with me: I'll be okay!
  • Start a prayer journal - When I attended Dr. Gaither's funeral a few months ago, I was inspired by what her daughter read from her journal. It lifted my soul & it taught me how to be more postitive and uplifting in my prayers and journaling.
  • Communitating - With Chad and the kids. It's so hard living the life we do right now. The stress level is at an all time high and my saving grace are my daily talks with God.

And that's it. I start small. Everything else I do will be an added bonus. My list doesn't need to be long. Everything else that I do within my year will be like a blue ribbon! And when I succeed, it will feel good. God didn't create the world in one day. It took him 6 and then he rested. LOL!

So since I don't have a journal to write in yet, this will be my first:

January 3, 2006
Thank you God! Thank you for bright beautiful sunny days in January! Thank you for kids who love to laugh and play. Thank you for Ian, Emilie, and Lukus. Thank you for Chad and the hard work he does every day to provide for us. Lord, he is unbelieveable. Thank you for Sherry father and her friendship to me. Father thank you ever so much for Kaye and make her well. I truly love her! Thank you for the Praise Team and the way they lift their spirits. Thank you for the ministry. Thank you for the French's father. I love them so much. Father thank you for creating me so that I can experience all these creations here on earth and appreciate them. I love you Father. Amen.


heather said...

I love it and I love you!
How encouraging and uplifting... and honest. Keep us in on your prayers... so we can join!

Carrie said...

Hi...if you read my blog...not resolutions for me either...I never keep them! I realized we all have to do what fits us the most and I think a journal is great...I couldn't keep with that either though:) love you...and what was wrong last night??? Are you OK?