Monday, January 09, 2006

A new semester...a little grumpy!

Today started off good and ended with me a little grumpy by the end of class. I woke this morning at 5am and forced myself to go back to sleep. I shouldn't have done that but wanted to be fully rested for my first day of Chemistry!

Now, I wasn't thrilled of the thought of driving to the South campus. All the traffic and the trouble of parking...that just drives me insane! Besides, I have come to really enjoy the North campus for the past year. But I went with a smile on my face this morning.

To make it even better, I walk into my class and my instructor is none other than Mr. Jackson! One of my former clients from TTCU! What were there chances of that happening! When I picked this class, there was no instructor assigned to it yet so I had no idea who I was getting so it was basically just luck of the draw. This couldn't have been any better. He is a great guy and funny too! I just know now this is going to be a great semester and I'm looking forward to it from now on! And an added bonus...WE DON'T HAVE TO MEMORIZE THE PERIODIC TABLE! YEA!

So I had not purchased my lab coat and supplies yet so I was off to get that done today for my labs on Wednesday.'s where Grumpy comes in! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY CARS ARE IN THIS PARKING LOT? Not only that...they need a woman to design the south campus parking lot of TCC! It's truly a nightmare! And the parking area for the Student Union area only has about 50 spaces for it! Unbelieveable! Not to mention that my classes are about 3 miles walking distance from there so about the only way to get there is to get in your car and drive. But then you can't get a space. So you find yourself right back where you were to begin with parking where your classes were and walking the 3 miles in the cold outside because the buildings DON'T connect and it's just a nightmare and I'm complaining to my husband the entire way! I'm already ready to go back to the northeast campus and it's only been a few hours.
Truly, this campus was not designed by women or they would have gotten it right!

Okay, now my grumpy stage is over and I'm better now! I showed Chad my goggles and he laughed at me! Husbands! What are they good for! Not much! Guess he won't be laughing when I start bringing home money huh?

So my class was great! I'm exctied for Chemistry now. I was nervous before I started but I think I will do well in it! I feel confident! Now I just have to go into tomorrows class with that same attitude and I'll be okay! But's another drive to South Tulsa! Better start praying now! ;O)


Carrie said...

girl just think of south campus as excersise....I will pray for you and I too was glad to get some time to spend with you.....and scrunched up on the couch! Love you and I will be thinking of you and praying that you do not get grumpy.......

Brenda said...

I'm better now! Blogging it got it out of my system. It's amazing what you can take out on a keyboard! ;o)