Saturday, January 14, 2006

An Incredible Night!

Last night we took the kids to Incredible Pizza. Now this is a treat because it is somewhere we NEVER go. For one, it's expensive, and for two, I think that should be treat since it's such a big an awesome place to go. And I like to go as a FAMILY! After all, it is a family place.

Now, we got to go to Incredible Pizza because of Lukus. Lukus is always getting hurt doing something and we are always going to the doctor for something on that boy. Well, Thursday night all five of us were having a grand ol' time jumping on the trampoline and all of the sudden, Lukus just stopped jumping with this weird look on his face. He said "Ouch" but wasn't really crying or screaming. He doesn't feel pain too much. Even when he cut off his toe he didn't cry. He just sat there and said, "mom, I hurt my toe."

So this time, he said, "Mom, I just hurt my foot" So I took him in yesterday and luckily it is only a sprained ankle!!!! Praise God! No bones are broken. The bad news was he's out of gym for one week, out of the track club for 2 weeks, and off the trampoline for 3 weeks. He was quite upset. So while we were at the Doctor, she walked out and when she came back in, she gave him 7 free passes to get into Incredible Pizza called "BRAVERY AWARDS" Well that cheered him up real quick! He's always the one in the family getting hurt but doesn't ever complain about it. He just kinda rolls with it.

We went and had a fabulous time. The kids were wonderful. We ate together, played games together and then came back and had dessert together when we were about ready to go. It was such a blast. Nobody fighting, everyone sharing, and everyone just getting along like they should. It was absolutely an incredible night!

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Theresa said...

Our doc gives out those bravery awards too! We have yet to take advantage of them... because we rarely have a free night. Oi.

I'm glad you had fun!!! And poor Lukus! :o(